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Day of Wrath

Well, the latest and final pages of Day of Wrath are now available online for everyone to read. The story is updated in time for the New Year, early too. The final pages are all available, and soon we’ll be beginning a new novel.

I still have to work out the format for it, but have a working title of Twenty One Days. This is going to be a totally different story too. I have a passion for politics, in case you haven’t noticed so I thought, why not combine that passion with my other, which is writing. So this is going to be a political story, but with a slant. It will be basically about an election campaign, and one of the leaders is going to be Gay. Should be interesting, I hope. So that is the new project for 2007.

In the meantime, Day of Wrath, will be formatted into PDF and made available at my main Book Site, Gay Persuasions. Illustrations or photographs will be included in the PDF version, as they are with the books at Gay Persuasions.

The hypocrisy of the man is absolutely amazing. He speaks for millions and yet today in his regular Sunday broadcast, this bigot dares lecture the world about racism, about changing our prejudices, when he is the most outspoken racist around since the Klu Klux Klan Grand Wizards.

Benedict said people should strive to “overcome preconceived ideas and prejudices, tear down barriers and eliminate contrasts that divide — or worse — set individuals and peoples against each other, so as to build together a world of justice and peace.” (story)

You know it is easy to sit up there, and spew your claptrap, but this is the same man who offended virtually every Muslim in the world by calling Islam a religion of hatred. This is the same man who goes around and condemns governments for bridging gaps between its citizens by giving them Equality. This is also the same man who leads the fight against Education and self protection by promoting an unrealistic solution to sexual disease by pushing Abstinence over Responsibility.

Get rid of prejudices is a noble cause, a noble sentiment but coming from this intolerant person it falls flat. He may speak the talk, but he walks the path of hatred, of deceit and of deception. He knows that if what Christ said was true, that we are all brothers, then his attack on Gays, on Muslims, on Non Christians would never happen. If he truly believed in the words of Love preached by Christ and GOD, he’d never call Gays dismal failures in purely social experiments, nor would he call it a choice either. He would acknowledge that GOD works in strange ways and that even alleged sinners are entitled to protection under man’s laws.

“Jesus came for each one of us and made us brothers,” he said from his window overlooking St. Peter’s Square as pilgrims and tourists began gathering for the Christmas Eve midnight Mass to be celebrated by the pope. (story)

This is the same man who actively goes out and preaches exclusion, preaches hatred that was the cornerstone of the old Klu Klux Klan. THe only difference between them is they wore white hoods to hide, this man is out in the open claiming some religious imperative. He speaks as if GOD himself has annointed him to incite the faithful to be more intolerant, more hateful. Yet on this, the day of celebrating Christ’s birth he speaks of ending prejudices, of people needing to reach out.

People have done that, only to be swatted down like flies by this Pope and his minions. They rally at funerals to spew hatred, to condemn people they don’t even know all in the name of a GOD no one truly knows. Schools are torn with hatred and violence. Children learn hatred at home because their parents refuse to properly fund public schools, because Governments are too busy invading countries instead of insuring schools have sufficient text books. Hate crimes rise because politicians determine that attacking someone for their sexuality isn’t about hate. This is what Herr Pope Benedict supports and promotes, and now he wants us to reach out?

This from a man whose Church has lost the true message of Christ.

Religion was about laws, yes. But it was about Love, about Faith, about Compassion and hatred and racism was not in it’s vocabulary, until now. Right or wrong, being Gay is real and not a choice. It is who we are, and for this man to fuel the flames of intolerance against a minority is what is evil, not us. It is that philosophy that is a sin, not my need for Dave’s love or my desire for his body.

As the book, the Secret, points out. Love is not gender bound, and doing what is right isn’t about being politically correct. Just as it also points out, sex is just one facet of life, and not the defining reason for love or for who a person is.

The Locker is another story that shows that ignorance of reality, of the truth, leads to violence, and unfounded fear. It is reality that people like the Pope ignore. It shows that hate comes from ignorance. That the more we close our minds, the more we will fear. It is what sent thousands of Christians into the Roman Arenas to face death. The fear of them, borne from ignorance and self rightgeousness. And today here is their own Pope fueling that same fear, only this time it is against Muslims, Gays, and others.

It is the Pope’s intolerance and racism that is the true act of a man consumed by evil, just as his mentor Hitler was.

Cowboy Diplomacy

Over the course of the Bush Administration, a lot has been made of his Cowboy Diplomacy. I wonder, six years later why this man hasn’t been impeached? It makes no sense to I think most of the world, but somehow seems to be okay with Americans. You have a so called diplomatic policy of simply walking in shooting, threatening other nations who don’t conform and then when they fight back, you shake your head and threaten them more.

Cowboy diplomacy used to work but only if you backed up all the threats. So far despite all the bluster, all the rhetoric, not much has changed to make the world a safer place. Despite the threats North Korea is driving the negotiations and has exploded a Nucleur device. Iran has not backed down and instead has pushed forward with its own Nucleur plans. Both Iran and Syria continue to fund Hezbollah, Hamas, and other Terror Groups in the region, including Iraq.

Yet it is Israel that gets the pressure while all the USA does is bluster and blow a lot of hot air.

For 33 days war raged in Lebanon that is now in civil strife. Hezbollah is on the brink of actually being the defacto government. Hamas is gaining in Palestine and fighting between them and Fatah is increasing despite a ceasefire. Iraq is in civil war, with armed bandits controlling regions while the US Military sits in its encampments while Bush mulls over what to do. The Democrats suggest talking to Iran and Syria, like that makes sense. These are supposed to be smart people, yet they advocate talking to those who have refused to listen since taking power, who flaunt their refusals to talk daily and who continue to fund and train those who kill not just other Muslims, who murder Jews, who kidnap and murder hundreds, but who also target US Soldiers.

Like that makes a whole lot of sense.

Then you have this Iraq Report that the Americans hailed as a true bi-partisan effort. Baker and the other dinner partner continue to say it is in Iran’s and Syria’s interest to have a stable Iraq. Like what planet are they living in? Course it isn’t in their best interests. If Iraq is in civil war, where is the US Attention going to be? On them or on Iraq?  Then too they see the disgust in the US for the war and are emboldened by it, because it shows that Osama Bin Laden was right, that Americans wouldn’t have the guts to stick out a long term war.

So much for cowboy diplomacy it seems.

It is unreal to watch the United States literally unravel at the seams. I wonder what Americans are thinking as they watch the Democrats back peddle on virtually every campaign promise they made, (reminds me of Stephen Harper and his Klan) and they haven’t even taken over power yet. No hue and cry, no street demonstrations to protest the total lack of integrity by both political parties and I cringe, wondering what this world is going to be like living under the threat of an Islamic Bomb.

Begging for Books

I have seen it a couple times now on some of the US stations we get up here. Its the adopt a classroom advertising of which I am referring to. They show an empty bookshelf and kids doing nothing at their desks. It is done in animation and its about how some teachers and schools are putting up lists of things they are in desperate need of. Things like replacements for text books and stuff. You get to choose what you want to help fund, and make a donation I gather towards that end. I am also assuming that the money is then spent on those items, for the school you choose.

Now I also saw something in one of the office supply outfits, offerring the same thing. Where you nominate a school or something and they make donations according to some scale to that school based on your purchase. Again it is for school supplies such as text book replacements, chalk, and all that stuff. So I am wondering, why is this happening?

Education has to be the single most important part of our society. How can anyone be uncaring or unaware of a situation where teachers have to literally BEG for what should be automatically provided for by the Government? I mean okay, I can see private schools reaching out to the community given they supposedly don’t have any public funding or if they do, that it is limited in scope. But surely public schools are different?

I know Federal funding on sex education is based on some stupid policy of Abstinence only, however surely they provide other funds for general education? Don’t State Governments do that as well? And then too, it makes me wonder, as to why Education is primarily a local issue, or responsibility? I mean it doesn’t seem to make much sense to have the least revenue gathering government be held liable for the principle funding of something as important as Public Education.

Boggles the mind that a military can request 100 Billion EXTRA and not too many are objecting for it, but schools and teachers are begging for funds to replace worn out and outdated text books. It just seem something is wrong with this picture. It would also explain why in some areas, the US Army even lowered its recruitment standards to meet quota, but shouldn’t people be asking why they couldn’t find the recruits that met those standards? You also have to wonder, just what is the finished product going to be if there isn’t enough text books and other essentials available for the students in the public schools?

Seriously, while some small group can afford the hefty fees of private education, is this simply not a danger signal in itself? I mean okay sure we want the best for the kids, but why are we selecting who gets that best, based on the economic ability of the families? Surely that is elitism at its worst, and that isn’t going to perpetuate survival of our society either. It will surely diminish the middle class, and widen the gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’. History has shown that when that gap gets too wide, you have revolution. Merely look back to less than a hundred years ago to Russia for proof of that.

Somehow it just seems the priorities are getting way out of whack.

65 Years ago Japan attacked Pearl Harbour and the USA was in WWII. Japanese born citizens were interred in camps. A draft army was mustered and rapidly increased to meet the threat from the axis powers. Five years ago Osama destroyed the world trade towers and yet borders are unsecured and the US Customs and Immigration service granted citizenship to over 30,000 people without even knowing what their past was, simply because the files were lost or misplaced. I mean, this is scary but while Congress can find hundreds of billions of dollars for tanks, planes, guns, it can’t find a few billion for text books?

Most estimates show that nearly 50 million citizens have no medical insurance. They don’t earn enough to pay for private coverage but earn too much for assisted health care. FIFTY MILLION! Won’t even get into the statistic that nearly half a milion citizens yearly are hospitalized from food related illness with over 5000 fatalities but there is less than 2500 food inspectors available to inspect restaurants or food processors.

Did anyone think that if you properly funded education, you might get sufficient trained people who could fill those jobs? Could perhaps be the one who finds the answer to Cancer or to other diseases? Perhaps with proper funded education, you just might find the way to actually get along with other countries like Iran or Syria? Or is it more important to insure that little Johnny and little Susie know that sex can only be between a married man and woman. Never mind that recent surveys show that 95% of adults had sex without benefit of marriage. So when did those 5% suddenly take over Congress?

Wake up, because if you fail in education, you fail your future.

Time to Grow Up.

Perhaps its not nice to say, but sometimes I wonder if people like Stephen Harper or George Bush have yet to reach puberty? I mean sure they have kids and are supposedly all happily married, but sometimes you just have to wonder if they have grown up at all, and when that miracle of life will happen. Take the bullshit from Bush and how now he wants to increase troops in Iraq and how NATO wants more troops in Afghanistan and yet Bush continues to resist change or that his policies aren’t working.

It amazes me how they still adhere to a policy by Clinton where you don’t ask and you don’t tell is somehow supposed to make things okay. You have a war going on in Iraq, another coming with Iran possibily not to mention the war in Afghanistan, and you stand on the mount decrying Gays and at how they will ruin an army’s ability to wage war.

Funny, but I don’t see any Victory placards in Bahgdad these days, or in Afghanistan. All I see is more bloodshed, more dead. Civilian and Military alike are dying, and still people like Bush cant see far enough in front of their bigotry to know that Gays serving will have little or no effect. Hell the troops know it, as polls show.

(Santa Barbara, California) Three-out-of-four members of the military who are serving in Iraq or recently returned home say they don’t care if someone in their unit is gay according to a poll released Tuesday by Zogby International. (story)

You have to really wonder at how these people ever get elected. I mean to think, they are the one’s making policy that effects the lives of millions world wide and they are too blinded by their hatreds, their bigotry to see that being Gay is no different than being blonde is different than being a brunette.

Things are as complicated as you want to make them. Bush seems to want to make it as difficult as he can, but to what end? Does it somehow make him think he’s smarter if he can solve a problem that shouldn’t even exist? Oh I know one’s prejudices can make you do weird stuff, but hey, he is Commander in Chief. Fact is, the troops know who is and who isn’t and it really isn’t the big problem some have made it out to be. But then, everyone should know that given all the hype used back in the late 1940’s when Truman integrated the armed forces.

The same arguments were used then as now. The US Military still managed to wage war, it still managed to defend its territory and it will continue to do so, if given the chance. Perhaps the real change that should be made is to get rid of the leadership now, and replace them with younger, less politically motivated leaders, as it used to be. When leaders like Bush are in command, diseaster is not far off. Just as Hitler thought he was a supreme commander, so does Bush and we all know how well that worked out. Churchill was along those lines, but the command structure wouldn’t let him play Supreme Commander, thank God.

So all we can hope for is that Bush and his ilk grow up soon.

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