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Activism or Rule of Law?

It is an interesting time we live in. I mean here we are in the year 2006 yet if you closed your eyes you might actually think you lived back in the 1950’s and the McCarthy Era of rooting out them evil Communists and keeping them dark folks in their place. After all, those were the times when Judges kept their traps shut. It was the time when no one dared to suggest that equallity actually applied to any minority, white or otherwise.

It was a time when America touted itself as the bastion of Democracy, standing firm against the evils of dictatorships, flaunting how its citizens enjoyed such freedoms like elections that were free, freedom of choice unless you were black, right to justice, unless you were not white, where everyone could make a fortune, and where the poor, the downtrodden, the oppressed were welcomed with open arms (see added article).

Kind of makes you wonder doesn’t it, how so much as changed, yet so little really has.

After all you had America meddling in Korea (see GayTalk comment), about to enter Viet Nam to once more push back and battle those evil communists. You had a congress run amock as it tried to ferret out traitors using blackmail and other nifty little tricks to ruin innocent lives. It blacklisted people and the powerful were doing whatever they wished, after all they were the Government and represented the will of the people.

Ever hear of Patriot Acts I and II?

Here we are today, where the President himself stands up and labels how for decades Activist Judges (see added comment) are once more threatening that precious democracy, that shining beacon and it sends shiver down my spine. How’s it working for you?

“For decades, activist judges have tried to redefine America by court order,” Bush said Monday. “Just this last week in New Jersey, another activist court issued a ruling that raises doubt about the institution of marriage. We believe marriage is a union between a man and a woman and should be defended.” (see story)

So I wonder, over these decades, just what is it that these naughty activist judges have done that has made them try to once more effect politics? I mean was it the end to segregation of white and blacks in the United States? Was it perhaps the rights of women to choose and control their own body with Roe v Wade?

I suppose if you truly wish to roll back time, then I guess you should vote Republican. After all we could all use a good witch hunt, I mean it isn’t enough that the US Government taps all phone calls like Communist China doesn’t even do. Though they can be forgiven, after all they only have a billion plus people to manage, Uncle George has 300 million.

Or maybe it is the need to torture your enemy so they will give you information about their comrades, I mean not quite the way the Japansese did it in WWII or the Nazi’s did, but then you have to forgive George Bush and the Republicans, they don’t have the same experience that a Joseph Stalin had, or a Adolph Hitler. Cheney is no Himmler now is he?

Now of course the finger pointing is at us Gays and Lesbians.

The gay-marriage theme began appearing in Bush’s political speeches last Thursday, the day after the New Jersey ruling on a touchstone issue for social conservatives who are crucial to Republican electoral calculations. It marks one of the few substantive changes in the president’s stump speech as he turns from raising money for Republican candidates to encouraging the GOP faithful to vote on Nov. 7. (see story)

Just as I said earlier, the Mark Foley (see added comment) case is once more perhaps not so much that he was outed, as that it was perhaps staged. A rally cry (see comment) conveniently made for people like Bush to use in order to hold onto power, no different than McCarthy did with his committee hearings to out Communists back in the 1950’s. Makes you wonder, why we let history continue to repeat itself.

Course the problem is, if we don’t stop this vicious cycle of blaming Gays (see comment) and denying equal rights (see added comment) and protection under the law (see comment), how soon will it be before elections are a thing of the past? Getting close now what with the electronic voting machine mess that threatens to make one vote one man a pipe dream. After all, anyone who knows computers knows that they are vulnerable to hacking.

Makes you wonder doesn’t it? Just who really are the Good Guys these days? 

Issues That Matter

Given that the USA is about to vote in seven days in what they call the Mid Terms, I wonder what issues is it that is going to matter for most Voters? Specially those who are Gay? After all, whenever an election comes about, it is an opportunity to voice your views, to get heard on the issues that you care about.

With all the crap going on, I guess maybe I wonder if Americans truly do worry about issues that count, or if they are so conditioned by the media and by the dirt being thrown, that the real issues like Health, Education, Welfare, and Equality take bottom position. I mean if you listen to the news, whether it is CNN or FOX or any really, seems that the big issue is on deciding which party will hold the balance of power in the House of Representatives and in the Senate.

Seems to me with over 100 soldiers killed in Iraq this month alone, and the growing number of measures on the ballots to deny Gays and Lesbians equal rights, that perhaps Americans are somehow missing the boat. Surely something as vital as National Security would top the concerns given there is a shooting war going on in Iraq, not to mention the possibilty of war breaking out with Iran and even North Korea.(see comment)

It is odd to me to think that issues like illegal immigration, border fences and even yes, the war in Iraq take precedence over Equality. However that is me, though in essence it has ramifications in all of those areas too. I mean if you are willing to deny one minority its rights, how can you project yourself to others as being Democratic?

Worse perhaps is that by denying these rights, you also deny yourself the ability to fully prosecute the war itself. By the stupid assinine Dont Ask Dont Tell policy of the Democrats, along with the Republicans hatred of gays, you take away a potential recruitment of nearly 40,000 troops (see comment). Now given all that is happening with recruitment (see comment), kind of stupid to shoot yourself in the foot isn’t it? Either you want to win or not, so why would any sensible voter choose either party just on that issue alone?

It is sad too, that any person who values Traditional Family Values would even consider voting for any political party where the leaders advocate torture in the name of National Security. Like surely if you are willing to use such methods, what is there left to distinquish you from the enemy? Isn’t the argument being touted is that the enemy is cruel and evil, that they have no compassion? So how does using torture of any kind make you better? Doesn’t that blur the lines even more?

And so for me, when a country has a leadership that goes around calling Judges ‘Activists’ (see story) and uses that as an excuse to deny equality to one minority, I wonder, how can anyone mark an X beside any candidate representing that party? How can you mark an X beside a candidates where the party encourages people to HIDE who they are as the Democrats have done with their DADT policy? Or the Republicans with their violation of simple human rights?

Obviously if there was no law to support such decisions, the matter more than likely wouldn’t have even come to their attention. It galls me to listen to the New Order of Klansmen talk about Judges this way. The reality is, they simply don’t agree with the decision, but isn’t that what makes a democracy real? The protection of the minority by the Judiciary!

Isn’t it a time for real change, to start voting for other parties to get a message sent that Americans don’t tolerate the same old bullshit? I mean in all honesty, can anyone explain to me why it is more important to run campaign ads that are sleazy, vitrolic, and just plain lies? Surely the people who vote aren’t that stupid, are they?

Being Equal is not just about two fags being able to call themselves married. It isn’t about two lesbians being able to set up house together and get marital benefits. It is about having what others have, about having equal protection under the law. Not separate, but EQUAL. It means that like other minorities, when you promote hate against them you face stiffer penalties, not less. It means that like any other citizen you are able to work and have your partner get health coverage like any other minority out there. It means having the right to serve your country in its military without having to hide who you are, without having to deny your natural being.

That is what being Equal is about, and it is a shame that right now you have a group of politicians who are actively willing to seek your vote, but deny you the right to be who GOD created you to be. How in fuck is that Democracy? or Freedom?

New Short Story

Over at our Erotic Ramblings site you can now read online a brand new short story, titled ‘The Visitor’. It is a brief story about a chance encounter that should get your motor running a bit faster and perhaps relieve just a bit of tension.

It is a story about an older man who is visiting Victoria, and has an interesting and very explicit encounter with a young stranger who walks past the motel room.

I know it has been awhile since I have released a new story, but I think the wait will have been worth it. I hope you will enjoy it and even remark on it if you wish.

If you ever watch CNN and Lou Dobbs you will know all about the huge debate (at least on CNN) about the border fence and the whole illegal immigration debacle happening south of our border, and I wonder, how soon before they turn their jaundiced eyes upwards to Canada.

Already we can see Bush’s influence becoming more and more transparent in the Harper Regime as he bows constantly to US pressure (see comment) and comments, all in the name of hero worship. The arming of our border guards is one such example, catering to America’s need for guns under the guise of protection, security, and rights. Course it doesn’t stop them from trampling on other nation’s rights but that’s another issue.

Point being that arming our border guards is rather counter productive. I mean are we or are we not a civilized democratic nation? If we are, then why do we need to establish bigger government instead of using the tools we have. It might not be perfect but sure would be more effective than waiting for proper training of the border guards. I mean isn’t that one reason why we have a military and police force? To provide SECURITY to the citizens of this country?

The whole border issue happening in the States seems so stupid really. I mean for decades America has touted itself as being the safe refuge for those looking for democracy and freedom, and while I think people should follow the rules, sometimes the rules are a bit archaic. All this talk about Freedom seems to be just lip service, because the whole issue of illegal immigrants from Mexico is easily solved, and yet no one, not Bush, not Congress, not the People even are truly interested in solving the matter.

Frankly its a rather stupid situation to have in todays world. I mean after 9/11 one would expect the government to do more to protect its borders but as usual the USA is bent on pointing fingers everywhere but at themselves. I mean it is THE USA OBLIGATION & RESPONSIBILITY to protect its borders and not OTHER NATIONS. Take the bullshit at how Canada got the blame for Terrorists entering the USA and blowing up the trade centre. I mean does US Customs & Immigration have no responsibility here? It isn’t like Canada Customs checks those leaving, only those ENTERING, and really isn’t that the job? So blaming us is just that, casting blame because no one there is willing to stand up and take the responsibility they should.

The idea of a border fence is laughable really. I mean simply put, the United States has a vast amount of troops at its disposal not to mention all the latest in high tech apparatus such as surveillance satelites, recon planes, and sensors. The issue isn’t that they don’t know these illegal immigrants are coming, the issue is that they are unwilling to do anything about it or in using the resources they have to stop it.

Face it, it is a crime to illegally enter the country, yet how many arrests do they make and how many border guards do they hire and place on the border? What good will any fence do if there is no one there to grab the climbers or diggers that will pop up? Do they truly expect a fence to stop these people? Okay maybe it will impede them somewhat, but do you really think it will stop the drug smuggler or the terrorist? Get Real.

It is funny in a sad way. I mean the so called Conservatives are about less government, and yet look at how huge the USA Federal government has become under Bush and what we can also expect from our own Harper. To use the resources you have is common sense really. I mean isn’t the whole purpose of a military to defend your borders? So why isn’t the military in charge of border security and in place? I mean sending national guard troops without rifles is about as useful as putting up a stop sign on a race track. No one gonna take it seriously, hence the increased immigration and border security problem.

It always amazes me how stupid people get. The laws are there, so why add more red tape by adding even more laws when you won’t enforce those in existence?

Then there is the absolute hypocrisy of this fence that more than likely will never get built anyhow. That is that years ago it was Bush and Rice who bitched the loudest when Israel decided to built a fence, to keep real terrorists out. Not imagined ones, but those who really do strap on dynamite and go blow up night clubs and buses with civilians on them. Funny how it is wrong for Israel but okay for the USA. Talk about your double standards and there too lies the problem.

Seems that the USA is hell bent on telling everyone else how to act, what they can or cannot do to protect or live in their own countries, but they seldom if ever follow those rules for themselves. I mean if something is wrong, it is wrong and to say Israel shouldn’t build a fence to protect itself and then go build one for themselves, seems, well Hypocritical.

Common sense would seem to say that if people enter illegally, they are in violation of the law and not really the type one would want as a citizen. So it begs the question, why are so many calling it racism when you want to push back those who break your laws? It seems like you have laws, but then you pick and choose which ones to follow. Now I don’t know, but that isn’t democracy in my books, but elitism and that will eventually lead to dictatorship. Surely that isn’t what Americans want? Or is it?

Weapon of Fear

With the election in the states coming down to the wire, it appears that once more Gays are going to be the whipping boy for the Republican Party in its attempt to galvanize its base to stay in power. The weapon of choice is naturally fear, fear of the secret Gay Agenda ( see article ). Just as they are using voter fear of Gays, just as does our very own Stephen Harper (see article).

Amazes me what we allow to happen when we are scared. Patriot Acts I and II ring a bell? How about the illegal wire tapping? Secret Prisons? It is sort of like when as children we had wild thoughts of bogey men under the bed. It is about the same because really, Straight Society has nothing to fear from Gays or Lesbians. It isn’t like we are secretly plotting to turn you all into Queers, so why do you buy into that bullshit?

With North Korea detonating a Nucleur Bomb ( see article ) and Iran enriching uranium and the on going wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan (see article), you would think that there might be more important issues to debate, to discuss, than whether or not Gays are plotting to overthrow the Democracies of the World or not. I mean come on, give me a break. Surely we should be discussing the issues of the on going wars and economic backslide nations are heading into long before we buy into the bogey man fears generated by the so called Conservatives of the World. ( see article )