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Day of Wrath Updated

It is that time again and yes we have updated our Serial Gay Story ‘Day of Wrath’ which is now available for reading online here.

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Another Free Story

Over at Erotic Ramblings, you can now enjoy a new erotic gay story online to read which includes a few snapshots as well.

erotic short story

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Review – Inspector Morse

Okay no it isn’t a porn flick or anything but there is more to life than jerking off to some hotties. Besides some of these mainstream shows do have nice scenery if you catch my drift.

Frankly the Inspector Morse series from Britian is a popular one and was a mainstay on the local PBS station out of Seattle until the lead actor called it quits, then passed away shortly after. John Thaw did some interesting shows including I believe a sort of semi gay movie. Have to dig that one out as it really was rather good.

So for me, I watched on our knowledge network Driven to Distraction tonight and it had only one rather interesting character in it. However the movie did offer something else that perhaps bears discussion, that being the difference between good intentions by the good guys and the law. It is a good show if you enjoy some thinking while watching because really Inspector Morse is a thinking man’s show.

watching television

There is a scene where Morse asks his team to join him in going over a suspects books to look for evidence to nail the guy. His sidekick Lewis refuses as does the hottie, but the girl stays. The thing is that in leaving Lewis explained that it isn’t legal and Morse seemed to not care.

And that is the issue today. The lines keep getting crossed by the supposed good guys and the bad ones. Isn’t it the rule of law that separates the two?

Call me naive but yes, I know it is a lot harder to grab the bad guys out there who follow no rules, no laws but their own, yet isn’t that what we are fighting for? I mean if Hezbollah blows up a market or sends a guy in to detonate a bomb in a night club where teenagers are, is that justified in our so called civilized society? And if not, because it violates the laws, when a policeman or a President even breaks the law, in order to combat people they perceive are like Hezbollah, isn’t that simply blurring the lines too far?

With war raging in Lebanon and Palestine and Civil War in Iraq and threatened wars with Syria, Iran, and North Korea and possible wars in Somalia and the Congo, isn’t it even more important today that the good guys stick to what makes them the good guys? Isn’t the Rule of Law just that, yet President Bush continues to defy the law and goes further to usurp the law more, each passing day.

How can anyone support anyone at any cost when that cost is our very own laws? Doesn’t that then make us no different than those we are fighting?

I enjoy watching the Inspector Morse shows, but you know tonights show was interesting. I mean you can find some insights that are troubling, because frankly I wonder how many of us really understand that the line is a very thin one and way too many, from Presidents to Prime Ministers, to ordinary Marines or Soldiers, seem to cross that line all too frequently.

Why Do Men…

Believe they have to be strong and silent when the shit hits the fan?

Why can’t we be allowed to admit we are frightened or scared?

Is it some stupid macho crap or is there another reason? I mean think about it, why should we wall off ourselves from our emotions simply because of some society perception? We can still be strong, but wouldn’t it make more sense to share our fears, our doubts with those close to us instead of keeping them secret?

I don’t know, but I know right now I am scared.

Few hours I have to see the doctor for results on tests regarding HIV and Hepatitis B or C and frankly it has me petrified. I don’t know how I am going to take bad news, though the Doctor thought it unlikely that I had any of them. Still the doubt was there hence the tests, but it makes you wonder, why do we wall ourselves off?

Okay in some regards I haven’t discussed it with Dave simply because in my mind, he’s not able to provide the support or comfort and I suppose its more because he doesn’t handle stress well and I don’t want to worry him needlessly. Still, isn’t that part of being married, to share your fears?

I look back and know Dad didn’t do much sharing of what had him worried, not until the end and I wonder, would his life have been better or easier if he had shared earlier? I mean maybe all of us could have supported him in a way that would have helped ease the burden, or at least made it not seem so bad to him. Now I have to wonder about that for myself.

What if it is bad news?

How am I going to deal with it and how is Dave going to deal with it? Then too how is Mom and how do I tell her if I have to tell her? Again its choices that one has to make, but when you have to make them alone they seem so insurmountable. Oh they really aren’t and people face this shit daily I suppose, but that doesn’t seem to matter much or help too much when it is you doing the facing.

Secrets really aren’t all they are cracked up to be, nor is it all fun being a man and accepting all that society requires of one.

Consider This…

Let us say for example that you live in a house, that in front of you, to the left and to the right of you are people who hate you. They can’t stand you one bit and when they talk, they talk about how good it is to taste your blood, how they want your house, but only after you and your family is dead.

Add in to this that for the last 58 years they constantly harass you. They throw rocks thru your living room window or any window. Doesn’t matter if its the baby’s room or the nephews room. They just want to make sure you know how much they hate you, how much they want your house over your dead body and that of your family.

Let’s toss in too that during the night they sneak in and wreck your stereo system. They kill the dog by slitting its throat and when you are out in the backyard enjoying the swimming pool they toss feces at you and other garbage.

They do this for 58 years. How are you going to react? Are you going to let them get away with it or are you going to fight back to keep the new baby safe, to stop changing locks?

What will you do?

What choice really does Israel have today. This is what they endure 24/7 but instead of rocks in the windows, its rockets that kill. It isn’t feces being thrown into your pool but murder bombers who take teenagers lives willingly.