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What Does It Take?

You sit back and listen to the endless parade of news stories about this and that and you wonder. What does it take to get Americans upset so they will actually use the brain God gave them, and turf the idiots running their country? I mean seriously, the Congress is pissed because the NY Times released a story about the feds monitoring financial transactions. Something that Administration officials discussed in open hearings years earlier.

Still it makes you wonder at why?

Could it be to send a message that a Free Press will only be allowed to function as long as it plays ball with the Administration in Washington? I mean isn’t that the same as putting a muzzle on them? Not that the Media per se does report the truth anyways, but sometimes they have little choice and I am almost certain that when they do report the truth. News Anchors and Upper Management types are squirming pretty hard. Yet it seems to me that as much as they fail, there is so much that does make it out, why aren’t the streets filled with protestors?

Why isn’t every street corner in all major USA Cities not littered by charred remains of Old Glory right now like they were during the Viet Nam War era? The Democractic National Convention in Chicago?

I mean those 20 somethings in the 60’s and 70’s are 30 years older now. They are the power makers, so how did things get this screwed up? After all aren’t the ones who nearly passed a constitutional amendment the same one’s who were on Berkley burning flags 30 odd years ago? When did they suddenly forget about Free Speech?

So why aren’t the streets littered with protest today? Has resolution after resolution, news report after news report, about right losses and censors finally won the day? Are people just that apathetic or are they that stupid?

Watched Lou Dobbs and there is a growing movement by some to urge a boycott of this falls elections if electronic voting is used. So let me see, by not voting you will change what? Anything?


If you truly are upset about all that is going on, then boycotting an election has to be the stupidest idea yet. Instead of staying home and letting more George Bush wannabee’s get elected, people should be straining for November to arrive so they can trot, not walk, but run to their local voting booth.

Let Us Have A Chat…

So why not go grab a coffee and maybe even a sandwich or so and let’s have a little chat. I am feeling bored tonight so how about humoring me and joining in on some fun.

To begin with how many of you realize that we now offer Video Audio Stories at our Gay Persuasion website? Did you remember to resign up for our Newsletter Chapter Notes? IF you haven’t, why not take a stroll to our page and follow the instructions there. After all, how do you expect to find out this stuff otherswise?

Oh we have started a new story that we are hoping to release this fall for you. It is a political novella and should be different than what we have normally produced. In a sense it is a sequel to our story The Secret and yet isn’t. I mean we drew on those characters as they fit so nicely into our central plot. Keep reading to find out more as this should be a definate read and might become available as a serial story later on.

Right now too we are going to finish off Day of Wrath and release the book version hopefully by the end of the summer. That ought to grab your attention. Instead of reading new pages every 15 days or so, you will be able to read the entire story from one complete file. Least that is our thinking at the moment. Members of our Newsletter will know long before anyone else, so are you a signed up member yet?

There are 7 narrated stories available and thanks to the people over at Teen Boy Models, there are some pretty hot pictures included with this audio story selection. So head on over to check them out and get yourself a sample of Skateboard Slam. Hopefully we will be adding them to our growing list here as well but right now you can only download them from Gay Persuasion. Don’t forget to check the blog out there as well. It might proove to be interesting.

Frankly we are going to slow things down a little and just concentrate on the two sites. This one of course with its Bel Ami features like the Bel Ami Books or Bel Ami Video on Demand section. We also plan to concentrate on updating Gay Persuasion and the myriad of stories we are offering over there. No, not just the ebooks but also the Erotic Short Stories we have written plus our new Narrated Stories.

Hey told you to grab the coffee BEFORE you started reading this latest entry.

Anyhow, I think that we will eventually be moving our entire serial fiction from Gay Fiction (Billy) and Gay Story Online (The Locker) over to Gay Persuasion as well, where you can read it in PDF rather than simply adding a few pages every 15 days. Might make things easier for us and make for better online reading for you as well.

By doing this we hope to be adding more fiction for you to enjoy both online and off. Either way it should be a great advantage for you, our visitors. We also will be adding previews and we intend to make available the complete edition of The Secret as well in the next month or so. This story will be available in individual chapter downloads as well as in a complete ebook.

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Last night Texas once more put to death another human being. (see Story) Granted the guy seemed like a real heel but how does Capital Punishment mix with good old fashioned Christian values? What does murder by the state tell kids about family values?

That an eye for an eye is a good mantra?

As the years fly by I wonder at what GOD is going to say about man’s own inhumanity to man? Will he cry or is HE crying right now as once more America has twisted its values to send another to HIM.

So much for old fashioned family values huh?.

When Did We Surrender?

I am curious but when did we, as democratic people, surrender to totalianism? Was it when we goofed and elected Stephen Harper or was it long before then? Was it when the yanks elected Nixon or Reagan or even before then?

Today 5 ISPs (Internet Service Providers) announced that they are forming a group to check databases for child porn. It is in response to US AG Gonzales speech back in April ( see Story for details ) but I am wondering if this is really just another grab at our personal files and history?

Then too there is an article detailing on just who really is watching over our kids online. (see Story for more) THough frankly I wonder again at just what the end result is going to be. See I own and operate what is termed as an Adult Site or Set of Sites. I oppose the exploitation of minors but who is a minor? I mean in some countries it is 16, in biblical times it is under 13. So which standard do we use? and perhaps more importantly how do we prove it?

Again this is something the idiots in Washington seem to forget. That the Internet is international and as such needs to be moniored according to international standards. Though in reality there are no such things as International Standards. An issue I suppose that should be addressed prior to setting guidelines. Again not covered by these five ISPs.

Yet how serious are these corporations? I mean putting aside a mere $1M seems bit lame when you consider the overall profit returns of Time Warner AOL and MS. But then I suppose it is just something to bash the politicians over the head with if needed, but in all honesty, isn’t it a parents obligation to monitor their kid and apply their standards?

I don’t know, but for myself I sure don’t want some nameless stranger dictating to me what is appropriate or not appropriate for a child of mine. Yet so many parents seem hell bent on doing just that. Wouldn’t it make more sense that these acrimonious voices stopped their incessent chatter and took responsibility for their own?

Why spend resources ferretting out child predators when in reality we condemn our own children to such a life thru inadequate education, through mixed signals from our leaders, and from our own inability to pay attention to their needs? I mean think about it, with nearly 60% of straight couples divorcing what does that say about marraige and yet we are outraged that two guys might marry?

So maybe before we go setting up stupid groups and throwing more money away we should instead look at what is causing hte problem to begin with? PARENTS!

Old Age Sucks

Okay so over at my Gay Persuasion Blog, I have this post going on about growing old and I don’t know, but frankly maybe I am just being a bit of a drama Queen. Though in all honesty I kind of don’t think so.

Last week, on Wednesday to be exact, things were a bit hairy here. I mean I could see but nothing was in focus. It was odd to sit down and see images parade across the television screen but for the life of me, I couldn’t tell you what those images were. I have pretty good vision and fortunately by about 10pm it cleared up enough so that I could actually tell what time it was without squinting. Still it was scary.

Sort of like typing ever since. The left side is weak and my typing has not been up to my standards. Not sure if this was a blood sugar reaction or a mild stroke. Guess on Friday I’ll find out when we go see the Doctor and who knows, might just be something like a chemical inbalance. Though I really doubt it.

Still it does make you think
because I am no spring chicken these days. Getting on in years so it does make me wonder if this is stress related, diabetes related, or heart. Naturally I will prefer it to be something simple but I am also afraid it won’t be. Now that should proove to be interesting. Just how well do we handle the stress of knowing something like this if it should be a stroke or such?

Is there a heaven?

Seriously, when this shit happens you sure do question things a bit. Is there a God or is there a Heaven and what if the religious nuts are right and I am the sinner not them? Then where do things stand?

Kind of adds a whole new perspective on things too. I mean what really does mother think about all day? Does she wonder like I am wondering about God or not?

As one gets older does one ignore the finality of it all or not?

Makes me wonder if perhaps while we are younger why we don’t talk more about what we truly know nothing about? Death. If it is the beginning of something wonderful, wouldn’t it be worthwhile to discuss with other family members? Still it seems that fear of the unknown holds us back from such discussions, and I wonder, is that also why so many fear homosexuals?

Fear of the Unknown?