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Two Hour Finale On Monday

Well, I guess its pretty well certain now. The preview for next week’s Everwood called it the two hour special series finale. So I guess no more Everwood. Kind of sad about that as it was starting to once more get back to its old form, but alas the network gods have decreed otherwise.

Still this weeks second to last episode I think was more of a set up for the end than anything. With Irv dying and the look back wasn’t enough of a tell tale sign, I guess the somberness certainly made it apparent. There really isnt much to say about this episode other than it was sad.

Though perhaps maybe there is something eerily understated about the whole issue. The end with Edna talking to Irv and him then simply disappearing, was unsettling. It does raise an issue about after life but naturally doesn’t answer it.

So do you believe in an afterlife?

I know I do, in a sense. I just wish I knew more or perhaps were more certain of what I do know, which really isn’t much. I believe life doesn’t end, that our souls do move on, but how and to what I am not exactly certain. I do know God isn’t a vengeful God, so I imagine that when people like Phelps or Bush or the Pope get up there, they are in for a surprise, but how does it work, damned if I know. I am not in any real hurry to find out though, simply as I rather enjoy my time here, with Dave and Mom and now Molly.

Still Everwood did raise some interesting thoughts in the old noggin. I liked that last part when Irv told Edna they had a lifetime together. I mean that was so perfect. I suppose it is true too and sort of what Rent Boy is about, if you ever read it.

Rather looking forward to the 2 hour series finale on Monday. In some respects I might be building myself up for a big let down but I think not. I expected a lot from this show over the years, and in all honesty, I suppose that it did deliver what I expected more times than not. Still I am hopefull that the end will be one of those ‘special’ television moments.

So any guesses?

Will Andy & Nina finally get together?

I think he will propose as the promo shows, but somehow I think she’ll say no.

Will Amy & Ephram finally get back together?

Yes, I think they will as well, if they didn’t it would be too much of a shock I think to viewers. After all they were the two lovers always missing each other and at the end, I think they will both come to realize they need each other.

What about Bright and Hanna? Will that be a neat ending too?

My surprise ending. Bright proposes to Hanna and she says yes. Don’t ask me why, but its what I feel and besides you have to admit, it’d be an interesting ending wouldnt it?

I am sure I am wrong on about everything, but hell its fun wondering and that was part of this Everwood’s charm. When it did click it made you await the next episode wondering what would be the outcome. So I guess its done its magic this time around, one more time.

Why Is It So Hard To Believe?

Anyone been following the story about the murder of Iraqi’s by US Marines?

It is eerie at how so many of these issues seem to just suddenly appear long after the fact in the media in the States. Kind of makes you wonder if it is deliberate or not. I mean it seems there is no end of media coverage when an Iraqi insurgent kills a US soldier or attacks one. I mean simply look at how the headlines today are about the dead CBS crew.

Something it out of whack here.

To begin with, why do so many in the states find that the villagers account was too impropable to believe?

The U.S. military had previously refused to believe villagers who accused the Marines of murdering unarmed civilians, even when presented with credible evidence assembled by Time magazine for an article in March. ( CNN Story )

I mean the US Military is comprised of Americans. Americans per capita have more murders than other nations, so it would kind of stand to reason that it is plausible. Now don’t misunderstand me either. The simply fact is that America is a violent society, and nation so for any military official to not be willing to at least think such a story is plausible, is either very naive or just plain stupid.

Specially after the whole prison abuse things that keep cropping up.

So why is it that American’s actually find it hard to believe that some of them might just indeed have been murders? I mean look at the whole civil rights of the first part of the last century. How many stories are there about ordinary folk getting in their pickups and heading down to the black townships for some shooting practise? Or the lynchings?

As much as it hurts to admit, Americans have a penchant for wanton violence, which is why it makes it even scarier when they begin to whittle away at the very fabric of their society. When a President boasts of tapping phones illegally, of the most secret of secret intelligence agencies in the country is found out to be recording all telephone calls, you bet the world gets nervous.

Yet it is amazing at how the American people themselves seem unwilling to accept what is happening. It makes one wonder, and tremble a bit.

What will it take for the American people to wake up and take back their own country?

Breathe It All In… and cough

Maybe I am just crazy or stupid. I have to be because around me it feels like the whole world is going mad, specially south of the 49th. I mean today there is a huge discussion in the States about cleaner burning coal. There is also a discussion on how some companies are importing coal to insure they have a sufficient supply for this summer.

So let me get this right.

The air in most major USA cities is so bad that it is now a regular feature of radio and television stations to include ‘smog alerts’ with their news features.

The cost of gas continues to rise, as does the cost of natural gas so instead of attempting to develop cleaner fuels, instead of building more fuel effecient vehicles, the thrust is on developing more oil reserves by drilling in Alaska and in getting more coal out of the ground and into power stations.

For the latter part of WWII the Germans ran synthetic fuel as they basically had no oil. So how come back 60 years ago there were more alternatives than today?

And for the record, lets keep in mind that no matter how much cleaner you get coal to burn, it is still far more hazardous to the environment than refined gas or alternatives. It makes no sense to call the dirtiest fuel around, cleaner burning. I mean that is like saying Los Angeles has a cloudy day when the smog is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

“[Fuel] conditions faced by US electricity markets at the onset of the summer appear to be stronger than last year,” the FERC report noted. “While worth watching, staff’s view is that coal stockpiles are likely to continue building.” ( CBS News )

What is scary about that statement, is that given the high cost of energy today, given how the ramifications continue to cause havic in the marketplace, Americans continue to waste what they have, and continue to consume it at higher rates than needed.

Naturally in that article it points the finger at the rail industry, but shouldn’t it be more concerned that so many people are ignoring the national need to conserve, and are instead racing ahead to gorge themselves with reckless abandon? I mean come on, this is getting nuts.

What is it going to take before Americans realize that conservation means just that? If they want continued economic growth, continued economic viability, they must learn to conserve what they have, and actively seek out alternatives.

Kind of crazy to think that we can send men to the moon, can transplant hearts, can clone sheep even, and develop new ways to keep guys having good erections, but we can’t deal with the real problems of our society.

Playing The Media Game

It is interesting to sometimes glance at the headlines on the various news services online. I prefer the CBC page because it does tend to give a much more in depth approach to real world events as well as national. But have you ever searched the American services online?

Kind of interesting really, to take a gander at what the American media is highlighting and what the world highlights.

FoxNews for example top three lead stories are about Indianoplis 500, Quake in Indonesia, and Immigration. Kind of interesting how Fox leads with sports, while other foreign sites lead with either the Earthquake or the Election in Columbia or the latest Hamas attack on Israel.

Kind of helps to explain too why Americans really are so naive when it comes to the world and what goes on outside the USA border. Though you would think that Americans would want to know about the elections in Columbia, given how much drugs come from there and how much money the USA spends there in trying to stop the drugs.

You would think given all the fear generated by the Terrorists that Americans would want to know about Hamas and its terror attacks and refusal to recognize Israel’s right to exist. Course I suppose that maybe many Americans would prefer Israel and its Jewish population to simply disappear.

Then too you would think that Americans really would be more interested in the unrest across the globe. I mean you have the fighting in Timor, Daphur, and Kashmir which could lead to some sticky situations for Americans and the rest of us too. I mean if India has its way, we might even become enmeshed in a nucleur confrontation over Kashmir, but I bet most don’t even know what the fracus is about, let alone where Kashmir is.

So maybe someone can enlighten me. Why do Americans feel that unless its happening in their borders, its of no consequence?