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Fun In The Sun At Cancun

So, President Bush says no to easing the passport requirements for Canadians to enter the good Ole’ US of A. ( CBC Story )

Now I suppose in some respects you can’t blame him. After all what does the USA want with Canadians spending money at all those small border communitees? After all they have a booming economy don’t they? Then too, he is being fair, and requiring US Citizens to have a passport too in order to get back into their own country. So really it is fair don’t you think?

Course it won’t stop any illegal immigrant from entering or prevent some drug dealer from bringing in some good old BC Bud. Then the terrorists who all live in Canada will now think twice before sneaking into the USA, as after all they gonna need a passport, right?

Funny how they figure that requiring a passport is gonna make the morons they have watching their border now suddenly know when a terrorist or drug dealer is crossing into the USA. Like they sure got that right back on Sept 11, didn’t they?

According to Bush:

The U.S. president said he is committed to implementing the law as passed by Congress, but he hopes technology can create a single card that would meet the requirement. (from CBC Story)

which is just more double talk. Hell even the comments on the softwood lumber is pure bullshit. I mean in the article ( CBC Story ) all that Harper got from his hero was that they’d resume negotiations. Now maybe I am a bit stupid, but the build up to this whole two day fun in the sun meeting was that they’d sit down and negotiate, instead all Harper got was an agreement to resume talks?

Didn’t our new Give Away Ambassador say they were close to a deal? So if they were close, when did the talks break off? And if they broke off why? I mean you gotta luv the double talk these guys are feeding us.

In Canada the Immigration Minister talks about how we feel for the poor Portugese workers he deported and now Bush tells us how he values Canada and wants to bring this dispute to an end, then agrees to resume negotiations, while saying that we unfairly subsidize our lumber industry, despite the rulings by all the trade commissions that we don’t.

So what did we gain by the two day fun in the sun?

Harper got a pat on the back, and nothing else. Oh, they did agree to work on finding alternative fuel sources for the USA, despite the record finds of oil in Alberta, Off BC Shores, and Newfoundland. Hmmm, so I guess that means that the oil isn’t valueable and so we’ll give it away?

I don’t know, what was the real purpose of the trip? Was it a way for Harper to try and gain political mileage or show he can talk to Bush? If so, he didn’t do it.

Where is the end to the soft wood lumber tariffs?

Where is the money?

Where is the protection for the trade agreements in place now?

In short, they got some sun, had some bubbly, told some jokes and we got the bill for it all.

Wonder if Harper picked up the tab for George too?

Gay Story Updated

April 15th 2006

Day of Wrath is now updated and available for reading online. The latest pages begins at Page 371.


March 31st 2006

Yep it is that time again, and as usual we have added new pages to our online serial gay story, Day of Wrath.

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We also updated our other serial stories at Gay Fiction and Gay Story Online.

Hope you all enjoy the updates.

They Can’t Stay

So there is this article on the CBC site about how the Minister of Immigration is sorry but he couldnt let the Portugese workers stay in Canada as their work VISA had expired. ( CBC Story )

Now supposedly these workers are needed in Toronto as there is a shortage of skilled labour for which they are able to do. I can see two things wrong with that.

1. Is why isn’t there sufficient Canadian labour to do it?
2. If they had jobs, why were they shipped home?

Solberg said he was doing his best to work with immigrants and the employers who need them so badly.

( CBC Story )

Like I am sorry here, never mind the first question, but if these people were employed and needed, as the employers seem to indicate, surely it is simply a matter of extending the work visa? Why all this deportation extreme?

How many Americans work in Canada illegally and never get deported?

Would these people have been deported if they were say typical white anglo saxons or perhaps the companies employing them are not conservative contributors?

It is fine for Mr Solberg to say ‘we are compassionate‘ but the proof is in the pudding, not in the secretive words. It makes such little sense unless there is more to the whole story. And this is what gets me about the new Harper Regime… The Secrets

They all campaigned on a transparent government and so far have been the most secretive of any administration. Cabinet meetings are held without the Press being told where they are held. Cabinet Ministers are under orders to not speak or else get turfed. I mean where is the Transparency we were promised?

The biggest complaint about immigration is that it takes jobs away from Canadians by offerring cheaper labour. In this case, based on what is in the report, these people are filling a vital need as there simply is more work than there are skilled labour within the country. So why deport them?

Seems to me that despite the claims there is an underlying current that is worrying. If there is no racial motivation, then why were the VISA’s simply not renewed? The Minister certainly has that ability to do so, yet he opted to deport these Portugese citizens. Now it has created an incident with Portugal and this when Mr Harper claims our country hasn’t been mature enough in its international dealings.

I guess that only applies to when we say NO to the United States its immature, when we say NO to other nations its acting in accordance with the laws. I have to say, given the facts available in the story, I find this just one more frightening example of what Tory Rule means.

Standing Up For Canada

“Stand Up For Canada” remember that slogan?

It was the Harper campaign slogan that he feels got him elected even though frankly the ads that went with that slogan were more of an American style mud slinging ad than anything else. Still I suppose it was effective and now Mr Harper is off to meet his Hero, the great White Father of the world, the man who will bring democracy to the Middle East whether they want it or not, no matter how many innocent lives it costs.

Yep Harper is meeting Bush in Mexico and you have to wonder at how much Canada will be sold out. I mean Harper has done nothing but talk about negotiating an end to the Softwood Lumber dispute, and even today said he didn’t expect a deal to be reached at this meeting, though one must ask, what deal is there to be made? ( CBC Story )

We have won every trade dispute hearing there is, some even twice and even the stacked American NAFTA commission ruled in our favour. So what deal is there to make?

America Owes Canada 5.2 Billion DollarsPAY UP!

Supposedly they are going to discuss the deal and border security which is another bone I got to pick with Uncle Sam, or in this case Uncle George.

See, it is not, repeat NOT our Custom’s Officers obligation to check people leaving the country. Even US Customs & Immigration doesn’t check people leaving the United States, so why are we blamed for illegal immigrants getting into the USA? Seems to me that if they have too many terrorists entering their country, they need to examine their own border people and not bitch about ours. Course Stockwell Day wants to arm our border officers too, just like good old Uncle Sam boys. Gee, lets have some more of the old west and have a shootout at high noon.

More guns, that’s all this about but wait, what about all those Americans sneaking into Canada bringing in automatic weapons like M-16s or whatever they are? I mean how come Mr Harper isnt bitching to George about that? How come he is willing to negotiate a stronger US presence on the border, willing to negotiate away our cross border shopping, but not willing to get the USA to stop selling guns up here?

Oh wait, I forgot, Harper likes guns.

I don’t get it anymore, seriously. When we win the battle we rush to negotiate a deal. When we lose we give it all up, so like, are we running our own country or is George Bush? I mean I thought the ballots had Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, etc on the ballot, didn’t see no Republican candidate.

So how come George Bush won our election?

Bouncing Back

So Mom’s cold is better but she’s really super weak and tired. I mean she’s slowed down a lot and has no real energy to do much of anything which really is disquitening. I mean it is almost like she’s just waiting and yet I don’t know if that is true either.

Kind of stressful to think about too but a neighbour said it which got me rather thinking on something I just don’t want to think about.

Life without mom.

Its not easy as we are close and always have been but I keep telling her she’ll be around forever, but I am just kidding myself. It will come, and yet I don’t want it to be soon but she is almost 89. How much longer can I be lucky enough to have her with me and Dave?

Maybe that is why my stomach is playing up tonight, too much thinking of the inevitable. Life sucks ya know? I mean you have someone that means so much to you and then they are gone. Sometimes it takes a long time, other times its quick. I don’t know which is better or worse because the end result is the same, a sense of total emptiness.

Shouldn’t be thinking about all this, but as April approaches it seems to happen more often than not. April 16 and 18th will be hell, again. I can feel that already as each year the dread of those days seems to come earlier. The 16th is when Dad died, 3 years ago and the 18th was the funeral. So it still haunts me and I know Mom too, and perhaps that is why this worries me more than it should.

Its the timing of it and I guess maybe I am superstitious or something. Just that, she is so lonely without him and well so am I in a way. I know they say times heals but how much time does it take? I still break out in tears thinking of it, and it has been 3 years. What it must be like for Mom I can’t even imagine. They were together 60 years, and now she sits and waits for when they’ll be together again. I hate that, and yet I admire it too.

To have so much love for someone and still have it so intensely even years after they are gone is amazing. It shows how powerful love truly is and how painful it is too. To be separated by a void only death can provide a bridge for has to be almost unbearable, yet she bears it. I don’t know if I could, or if I can.

Sometimes I am so pissed at God, its unreal. Why do we have to have all this suffering? I know its unreasonable and perhaps childish, but damn it, I don’t want to lose her. I need her and this hurts too much.

In some odd way it is like you can see the draw between life and death. The way older people bounce back slower as they get closer to that crossing over. It is almost like a battle of wills and the body is slowing ebbing towards the one side, the one you don’t want them to choose. Yet in another way it is amazing to watch how the fight goes, ebbs and flows.

Its macabre to be thinking of, yet it is life isn’t it?