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Erotic Fiction Updates

We have added two completely new erotic stories to our site for your online reading pleasure. These erotic stories are free to read and come from our upcoming book release, Queer Confidential.

Feb 28 2006 > 1000 Words Or Less is now available. This short erotic fiction is a different twist on a school assignment.

Feb 28 2006 > Now we all know you can pick up some stud in a bar but there are other places, as our main Character Brett finds out in the newly released erotic fiction story Grocery Shopping.

Short month but none the less, Day of Wrath update is now available for your online reading pleasure. Sure hope you enjoy it!

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A Glimmer Of Hope

I wonder how many people heard about the open letter to Pope Benedict from 19 Quebec RC Priests the other day, in La Presse? (see CBC story)

It is interesting to read the polite but deeply impacting letter from these men of God. What I find interesting is the response by their superiors who seem to not be too upset by such a letter. Oh sure they say they’d ‘wish’ it hadn’t been done, but then again you have to wonder what the ramifications will be for these 19?

The Pope has said, homosexuals have no place in his Church, though one has to ask, since when did it become his? I always thought the Church belonged to God and his followers. But that is for another discussion. What is interesting is how these 19 Priests have taken that step forward, from being quiet objectors to public heros.

Yes Heros, because there is that old adage, when good men do nothing, evil flourishes and these people have done something. They have done something that is simply, just right. Sort of like what I wrote in my story, The Secret. You sometimes have to risk all you value the most, to do what is right, and in life that doesn’t always end well for you, but it is what is expected. Least I think so.

Perhaps one of the most interesting passages written in this letter is that homosexuality is not immoral or contrary to natural law.

However, the Quebec priests who signed the letter dispute the Vatican’s position that homosexual acts are “immoral and contrary to the natural law,” writing that throughout human history, mankind has evolved and redefined what is natural to them. The church’s views must reflect human evolution, said the priests. (CBC Story)

While this is a real step forward, it certainly is nice to see given how our new Prime Minister bases his opposition to same sex rights on religious grounds. Obviously there is deep division within the religious community itself, showing that Mr Harper is out of step with reality.

What is most interesting about this letter is that it comes from Priests in a predominately religious province of this country. If any province had religious roots that would oppose same sex rights, one would assume it to be not Alberta, but Quebec. Yet here we have 19 Priests daring the wrath of the New Pope and the New Order of Religious Persecutions by stepping forward, daring to tell what is in their hearts.

As they clearly point out, it is not the place of the Church to have the last word on political, social, family and sexual life.

Titled “Trop, c’est trop!” (“Enough is enough!”), the letter asks: Does the church “have the last word on the mysteries of political, social, family and sexual life?

“In these matters, the official teaching of the church has shown itself more than once to be wrong,” the letter warns. (CBC Story)

Kind of an uplifting letter actually. Given how Mr Harper, Mr Toews and the rest of the Klan are so hell bent on denying equal rights to homosexuals, the fact that many Priests inside the Mother Church oppose such descrimination gives one hope. See, to me that is perhaps what ‘doing what is right’ is all about.

It isn’t about gaining some personal reward, or about even winning. It is about inspiring others, about giving hope to those without any. If you can do that, then really, do you ever lose?

As I wrote in my piece, More Than Just A Piece of Paper, doing what is right, granting same sex rights is about HOPE as much as it is about tax benefits and monetary breaks.

It would be nice if someone was to send Mr Harper and his Klan copies of that letter. Maybe it might shake a few of them up to realize that their narrow bigoted views are not shared by all Men of Faith.

Black or White

Well was having this interesting debate on one of the forums and it started out by a recounting of the Reverend Phelps and his band of merry angels who go to funerals of slain soldiers and protest, something. What I am not sure of, as I don’t know if it is the war itself or if it is the burial ceremony.

One thing is certain. That is that this man and his followers certainly have no compassion or charity in their entire bodies. I mean to bereate the bereaved with such hatred, is to say the least reprehensable.

Seems he is of the opinion that soldiers being killed over in Iraq is God’s punishment for the USA giving homosexuals semi-equal rights. I say semi because frankly that is being generous. Gay’s are NOT entitled to the same equal rights under the law as non homosexuals and in fact are protected less than say any other minority group.

Classic example is that federal hate crime laws and many state hate crime laws do not apply to those who go out to beat on a ‘fag’ so to speak, while if it was based on skin color or religion it would be a hate crime. That is just one example of inequal treatment under the law, course the other is to have access to federal benefits for a spouse, and well, anyhow you get the idea.

So the debate got into free speech and how ‘hate’ is a slippery slope to go down. So I wonder why? I mean ‘hate’ is a motivator for many, and the more hateful things you speak, you utter, the more prone to violence you become. To those like Phelps who spew their hatred, it isn’t that they don’t have the right to that opinion, but when such hatred leads to violence, is that free speech or mis-use of the right?

In many countries, including Canada, there are limits placed on what a person can or cannot say in public. If they wish to venture an opinion that is fine, if they want to vent their spleen with hateful remarks and bigotry, that is another thing.

So who is right?

I guess you can look at how many hate groups currently flourish in the USA versus say Austria or Canada or Britian. Funny isn’t it that in the United States they are all over the place, from coast to coast. Yet in Canada they slink under the radar, though in some cases they become Justice Minister, though that’s another post. Point being, that in a so called unregulated society of unfettered free speech, you have a market number of racist groups. Some estimates put the white supremacist membership in the 4 million mark. Kind of frightening that isn’t it?

Yet even as the United States holds up its free speech ideology, the Patriot Act continues to be a law on the books. An act that limits your recourse against unwarranted searches, seizures, and even incarceration, all in the name of protecting one’s freedoms. Now call me a bit odd but surely if a Government can obtain any information it wants on you, without your knowledge and use that information against you, that isn’t democracy but tyranny.

Course the answer by the Bush administration is that it only being used to fight Terrorists, and oh yeah, drug dealers. Suddenly drug dealers are now included in the Patriot Act. Wonder when Gays will be lumped into that group?

Now I would think that if you truly wish to end terrorism, or at least make those groups less appealing, you would limit their ability to recruit, hence a more stringent hate law bill would seem much more appropriate. But then I suppose you couldn’t add other groups to the list, such as Drug Dealers or Homosexuals.

I know it isn’t black and white, but come on, unlimited free speech free from consequence is just plain archaic. You can’t yell ‘fire’ in a crowded room, but you can incite 1000’s to kill. Go figure.

Gay Video Young Joyriders

Okay so tonight the wife wanted to watch a VOD and we selected Young Joyriders from Celestial Entertainment.

So I have to wonder, is there no more creativity in making sex movies or is the demand for just guys sucking then suddenly fucking what everyone desires? I mean do we, the viewers, truly want the same exact scene repeated 3 to 5 times per video with different guys?

Do we really enjoy the stupid dialogue of every few seconds one of the models yelling ‘suck that cock boy’ and my favorite from this movie..’you like that mouth in your cock’ line… so much for quality editing right? Course the country western background music certainly added to the scene… NOT!

But seriously, I mean is there really nothing to making a porn flick anymore? Like how can anyone truly get aroused by some naked stud sucking on a dick with stupid aaahs, ooohs, yeah baby’s echoing all thru the scene?

And what is with the same puckering of the face and the cock isn’t even in the guy’s ass or mouth?

I have to say, watching this movie, that, the photography was good, some of the guys were nice, but that’s my taste. Other’s I am sure will like the one’s I didn’t, but what kind of makes me feel like it was a waste, is that it is the same old formula. Don’t the producers care or is it maybe that we, the viewing public, don’t care?

Basically I suppose my bitch is that today’s porn videos simply have nothing different in them. No real dialogue or theme even to it. I mean this one is about guys in the heartland so like there are mansions and rich dude brats with BMW’s out in hicksville? Come on, if you have a theme why not stick to it? Guys doing in the barn, out on the paddock, or bunkhouse. Not some ritzy house with a cement swimming pool.