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Everwood – Last Season?

So I gather that the network that shows and produces the show Everwood, The WB, has been sold to UPN. Least that is the buzz on the WB Everwood forums from what I can gather.

Now it appears that the next remaining episodes of Everwood will be aired in March for some odd reason. Like that in itself doesn’t make sense to me, but what do I know, I just watch the shows… well some.

According to what I can glean from those forums, the show, Everwood, has dropped a bit in the ratings and so the show might not be renewed by the new owners. That to me would be a shame, as I do enjoy the show and for the most part it is well written and well acted.

What makes me mad though is that how can they claim a show is no longer popular when they play such mind games with the viewers by moving it around so much, without even a how do you do? Seriously, all of the networks seem to do this quite frequently then bitch that a show is not performing and so cancel it.

How is the viewer to know when a show is on, what time, what day when it keeps getting moved around? Like I have all day to figure that crap out? Seriously, if networks want viewers to be loyal to a show, then quit messing with its air dates. And more than that, what is with all these repeats in between?

West Wing is a perfect example of this. One week it was on Wednesday then simply disappeared. No notice, nothing I saw and then weeks later I was flipping thru the dials, and there it was, a new episode being promoted, for that evening. I was thrilled until I realized, it was Sunday.

New Time, New Day and I didn’t even know. I suppose if I looked at all the listings for each day I would have found out, but come on, I rarely watch tv at 8 on a sunday, so why would I check that? Just doesn’t make sense these arbitrary changes.

Shows like Everwood or West Wing are written so that several story lines run thru the show each episode and not all of them get resolved in that one episode. They continue for 2 or 3 or even the whole season at times. So it begs the question, why air repeats in between to confuse the viewer and to force viewers really to vary their viewing choices?

Shows like 24 for example were a hit because each week the show continued without repeats thrown in. Soon as they messed with that, gee what happened? Lower ratings?

It just seems to me that Television Executives need to remember that if they want people to watch a show regularly, the show needs to be aired regularly. How am I supposed to pick up the thread of a show when they air two fresh episodes, then nothing the next week, then a repeat then nothing then a repeat then the third new episode of the season… like I have a good memory but come on, isn’t that pushing it a bit?

And they all do it, and then bitch that viewers are tuning out because of the speciality cable channels. Did they ever stop to think that in reality, it is because they aren’t giving us something to watch or get attached to?

I Guarantee That…

Now that the election is over, guess we are going to see just how well the Tories keep their pledge of working with all parties to implement the policies they were elected on.

Going to be a neat trick because in all honesty, they represent the views of 36% of the population and the opposition represents the views of 64% of the population.

So couple of notes here, one is that I have started a new section, called ‘Minority Watch’ is going to be discussing the issues facing the new minority government and my personal take on it.

Election Watch will be archived but ready for the next federal election, which one can assume will be within the next 2 years. My gut read right now is about 1 year in all reality, but we’ll have to see.

In the meantime, lets discuss one of Stephen Harper’s key promises.

To Reduce Waiting Lists for Medical Procedures & Tests.

Now this is interesting and frankly during the election we have listened to all the federal parties talk about these waiting lists. Both Jack Layton and Stephen Harper pledged themselves to REDUCE these lists if elected (or in the case of Mr Layton, holding the balance of power) so let’s see first off, are we expecting too much from them?

Seriously, how can any single party guarantee or promise a reduction in waiting lists without compromising the integrity of those procedures and tests?

Is the answer going to be more doctors, lab technicians, and equipment so as to have more of them performing the procedures and tests?

Is the answer going to be to allow Private Facilities to open up and the patient have the option of paying extra or will the National Plan cover it?

See, to me the whole ‘waiting list’ issue is frankly a contrived issue in my mind. I know from past experiences with my Father and Mother that when the situation was critical, they had the tests done they needed, and yes that included MRI’s and X-Rays and the whole ball of wax.

To me a lot of these so called ‘waiting lists’ are fictious. They are contrived to make us more sympathetic to increased spending for wages and benefits when in reality, to me, that isn’t needed.

Simply put, people need to do the work they agreed to, when required, and not dictate to the employer what they will or will not do and when.

Either you want the job or you don’t!

My question is, does Stephen Harper have the guts to stand up to the Doctors, Nurses, and NDP on this issue? Will he or won’t he?

Day of Wrath

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Which Law To Honor

So most I bet have heard about how the giant Search Engine Google has agreed to limit certain sites accessible to Chinese citizens from its operation in China. Many in fact have called it Google caving in to censorship at its worst, but I have to wonder why there is such a stink about this whole thing?

Course I suppose part of the ballyhoo is also because the US Department of Justice wants access to Google’s seach database for supposed use in testing filter software. Now many are applauding Google’s stance with the DOJ but not its actions in China.

Couple of things bother me about this actually.

I suppose the first is the insistance by many that Google shouldn’t have agreed to limit what its China version (operated in China I believe) shows requests coming to the Search Engine Index from within China.

Seems to me that a company operating in a foreign country should be complying with that country’s laws to begin with. If you want to do business in China surely you have to understand that it isn’t a democracy and certain things are taboo. So if Google follows the Chinese Laws, why is it a big deal to anyone outside of China?

Surely that is a matter for the Chinese people and not the so called pundits abroad? I mean to me, it is no different than when DeGaulle came to Canada and supported Quebec Independance. That was interference and for Google to provide content results that are against the Chinese Laws, it is also interference.

Frankly I think Google showed more responsibility than is the norm. I mean what is it about Americans (some really) where they assume that their laws and constitution protect them no matter the country? I mean isnt that rather a bit arrogant?

Then there is the whole DOJ request that both Yahoo and Microsoft have caved in on. Now this isn’t like in China, as there are now different laws applicable. Rights exist in the USA that don’t in China, and so why should Google place its data at risk simply for some supposed filter testing by the DOJ? Course given the penchant of the current administration to harangue and hassle people who have different beliefs, it is hard to draw distinctions between China and the USA.

I mean seriously, an adult webmaster could go to jail for 5 years simply for not having the proper documenation in order. That is the current penalty under the USA law, 2257. Not sure why you would throw a webmaster in jail for improper documentation longer than some criminals get for violent crimes, but then I don’t profess to understand US laws.

Thing is about Google, is that the information being sought would also allow the mechanism on how Google obtains it results to be in the hands of the Government. Given how much of a sieve that can be for keeping secrets, can you really blame Google for not wanting them to have all that info? And never mind the personal information they have stored in their database either. IP addresses of people making searches, what they searched for, etc.

Remember George Orwell’s 1984? Kind of scary isnt it?

New Erotic Fiction Story

Okay, well we have just finished uploading our newest Erotic Fiction story from our Queer Confidential book series. This is one is a bit longer than the others, so you might need to get two or three towels at the ready.

Now I know that this is a sex story, but you know, we do things differently here and I have a feeling I am going to be getting some email from some of you regulars on this story, but hey, its why you read them, so be gentle, as the wife is still away.

Freeze Frame is the name of our latest release. Sure hope you all enjoy it and don’t forget, you can also receive a Text Only Email notice of all the latest updates at Gaystoryman. Simply Subscribe to our newsletter, Chapter Notes to receive twice monthly update news.