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Gay Bashing Starts

It is day one of the federal election and it is clear that Stephen Harper and his band of religious zealots are not going to accept that being Gay is not a choice, but a part of life.

Mr Harper has announced today that if elected he would attempt to rescind the same sex marraige law passed by Parliament, as ordered to by the Supreme Court. In short, he will thumb his nose at the legal system and at the will of the people simply to appease his narrow minded, bigoted view of marraige, irrespective of the basic civil rights of a minority.

The majority of Canadian people, when polled on this issue, supported the rights of all minorities to share equally under the law. By being allowed to marry gays gain nothing special, simply get what all citizens get. A murderer can marry from prison if its a women, but until this law was passed, a gay couple working, living under the law, couldn’t. A wife of a murderer could claim government aid, a gay couple couldn’t until now.

Stephen Harper wants to revert back to that. His conservative party supports it, which in essence says that they support racial discrimination and so when it comes down to the other issues, how can anyone accept their definition of equality?

When Harper talks about a two tier health care system that will guarantee top grade health for the poor, how can one believe him when he willingly wants to deny basic civil rights to gays?

Contradiction in terms isn’t it at times?

But let’s remember something, as Canada moves towards a federal election, that sometimes there are politicians who do do the right thing. I mean it isn’t often but sometimes they do.

Case in point is the same sex marraige act for Canada. Both Prime Minister Chretien and Paul Martin are not fans of gays. Paul Martin has stated he’s not comfortable with that lifestyle, as he put it, yet he risked his political life on bringing forth the same sex marraige act.


Well same sex marraige isn’t about marraige, but about insuring that all Citizens are treated the same within the confines of our society. It doesn’t force any Priest, Pastor, Rabbie, Imman, or whatever to sanctify or allow same sex marraiges. What it does do is insure that my partner and I are protected under the law, that I can file a joint tax return, make the spouse deduction, and more importantly, claim any benefits if the unthinkable happens.

That is what the bill allows, what it sets right. IT does not effect any person who simply chooses to believe that gays are evil, or sinners. It simply lets us claim what is ours as citizens, nothing less, nothing more.

So yes, Paul Martin did the right thing, at a high risk which is one reason to choose him over Stephen Harper. Mr. Harper feels we don’t need the same rights, not because we are inferior, simply because his religions tells him that. In short, he is biased and unwilling to do what is morally right. After all, civil rights are more about morals and ethics than who paid who what.

Remember that come January 23 2006, and VOTE, for anyone but the Conservative Party Candidate, unless you truly want to become the next State in the United States of Discrimination & Injustice.

It’s Official

Today the opposition parties defeated the minority government of Paul Martin and the Liberals, forcing Canadians into a winter election sometime in January.

Let me start off by saying there are a lot wrong with the Liberals, but all things considered, when a group of people who want me to vote for them, ignore, blatantly IGNORE the majority opinion and force a winter election, it makes me wonder, what would they do if they ever did get to power?

How responsive would Stephen Harper or Jack Layton be to the wishes of the electorate if they were a majority government? Would they listen like they have listened so far?

When you go to vote this January, keep in mind that little question, and then tell me that you really want to support leaders & members who totally spit on your views.

What is with porn movies?

Have we all degenerated into simply mindless zombies who want to see a cock in a mouth, up an ass and nothing more for our hard earned dollar?

Seriously, the wife & I watched a local VOD (Video on Demand) porn flick tonight and I have to wonder, why are so many watching this stuff. I shouldn’t complain too much, when you guys rent a video from our Pay Per View section, well it helps pay the bills, but I wonder, don’t you feel you deserve more than a few words, pants drop, cocks in mouths, then ass, then cum spurting and on to the next duo or threesome?

Frankly the prices for what you get just seem, well, a total waste of money. I am probably shooting myself in the foot here, but come on, don’t you want more for your entertainment dollar?

I know I struggle in trying to insure that each of our stories are something to be proud of, that they are of a calibre that will make you want to read more, and yes, buy more. Guess that is old school, but I really wonder, is it worth it?

Site Update Coming

Well, has been around for a bit, since 1998 actually and man have there been a lot of changes over time. I mean after looking at some of the earlier pages I just have to shake my head in dismay. I mean how could I have made pages like that?

So, as we approach another new year, been doing a lot of soul searching regarding this site. Couple of issues have arisen that make updating the site perhaps more of a medium priority.

Think is with additions of stories like Night Prowler and Day of Wrath, a whole lot of pages are added and its not always that easy to fit in or I learn some new technique that makes the pages easier to read, leaving a bit of a mess behind actually.

In short, the navigation has become truly a nightmare to maintain for myself, and I think for all of you as well. So with all the different types of navigation schemes out there on the site, I think it is time that we tried to fix all that, to split the site up so that you can easily find your dvds to buy, get the videos for pay per view you want, and naturally, be able to find all of our stories to read.

As this site has been online for nearly 8 years, there are a whole bunch of pages, so this is going to take us time, but as we go along I hope you will all enjoy the new format.

We are also changing our colours a bit, and heck, we will still be adding new stuff, new books, new videos and such. So hopefully the new layout and navigation will make your time here more enjoyable.

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