Reading Online Made Easy

Reading Novels Here

There are 3 full length novels available to read online.

These are long stories, so I have made each Chapter one single web page.

They are long, so will take some time to load, be patient.

Each Chapter will have a navigation linkview of chapter navigation links
Advance to Next Novel Chapter
at the bottom, to advance to the next chapter of the story.

Reading Stories Online

I am using a 'Blog' format here, to make it simple to find & read any of My short erotic fiction stories.

Each page will list one single story.

When viewing the Fiction Categories, you will see 3 paragraphs, Click on the Story Titleuse title to read entire story
Click Story Title
to read the Entire Story.

Use the 'next page'advancing to next stories
Advance to More Stories
link at the bottom of the three excerpt paragraphs to find more stories.

At the top of each Story are some 'Rating Stars'rating stars for fiction
Rate Each Story
, Click on the Star Rating you think the story Deserves.

1 star is terrible, 5 stars means super.

You can also comment on any of the stories, like any other Blog.


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