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Night Prowler

Night Prowler

Take a trip to a small college town, where you will meet two different young men.

One comes from Privilege, the other from the wrong side of the tracks.

I like a good story, one that is about the real Gay Life and not just mindless sex.

My Novels are about that, of how Being Gay isn't just romping from bed to bed, but about the anxiety we face daily, the pressures, the romance, the anger, and more.

I also prefer characters a person can relate to.

I think I have managed that in All of My Novels, including the Three you can Read Online Here.


Terry loved to live on the edge.

Despite his choice of lifestyle, he had dreams and aspirations like anyone else.

Meeting Ashley was a chance he never dreamed of having.

Day of Wrath

It might start out like 'Rage' but it sure doesn't end that way.

Day of Wrath is not the typical drama or love story you might expect.

Instead it is real, like life, and happy endings sometimes only happen in Fairy Tales.