About the Gaystoryman

grinRather than inflict my ugly face on you, I have opted to let my Wife, David, be the face of this site.

He has the cutest set of dimples around, and some other fine attributes too.

He's a lot younger than me, by 22 years, but damn he's fun to be with.

One of the happiest moments in my life, was on January 21 2005 when David and I, were legally married by a Rabbi.

Gaystoryman's Passions

My first passion, is David.

No one could have a better partner in life, than I do with David.

Following behind is my Mother, who is still with me, at age 90, and who has instilled a remarkable sense of doing what is right.

It is that which drives me in my writing.

Our dog Molly keeps us all young, after all she is a one year old Jack Russel Terrier.

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