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Night Prowler

The Secret

Rent Boy

• Summer's Surrender

Field of Honour

Day of Wrath

• First Kiss

God's Thunder

• Rage

• Scott's Secret

• Krull

• Paper Prayers

I Am Queer - Get Over It

• Queer Confidential

• Winter's Fare

• Young Love, Wrong Love

The Locker

• Encounters

• Spare Change


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We make no apologizes for being gay, being queer or being faggots or whatever it is you wish to call us. It doesn't matter what we are called, we are who we are and are proud to be just what God made us to be. We present to all who visit this site an opportunity to express their own views, and we can always disagree but the bottom line is simply this. We are here, we aren't going anywhere and we will not live a lie any longer simply to appease some misguided religious credo espoused by some bigots. Being gay, queer or whatever you wish to call us is who we are. It is what God, for those who believe in him, made us and to be anything less would be defying the maker of all creation. So all those who consider us sinners,Put that Where the Sun don't Shine.

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