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Being a Minority Is Not All It Is Cracked Up To Be

Our Gay Talk Forums are meant for you to use and enjoy. Discuss not just the latest gay book you have read but join in the discussions on the real gay lifestyle. Debate the claims that we don't deserve equal rights or that God abhors homosexuals. Read articles written by a Priest about the gay life or just enjoy some humour. You will find all this in our Gay Talk Forums.


Derogatory word describing a homosexual but in reality part of what makes up the term homo sapien, man.


Being peculiar or strange. Denoting something that is bizarre and out of the ordinary


Slang for a homosexual but in Britian refers to a cigarette.


Derogatory slang for a homosexual but means a group of sticks, twigs


A state of being happy, being in euphoria.. how the hell can a group who are despised, feared, and denied human rights be happy?

In The Closet

Supposedly this is where most gay people reside, hiding in a small room used for junk and clothes. Ever wonder who the phrase? Ever wonder why society that forces us to keep secret who we are relegates us to living in a closet?

Time to Come Out of the Closet & Speak Your Mind


Debunk The Myths

Aren't you tired of all the hysteria that is heaped upon you by those who claim to have superior knowledge of God?

Doesn't it just make you sick to listen to all those self appointed spokesmen for God & Human Family Values explain why you are a second class person not worthy of basic human rights?

Well You Aren't Alone

Sometimes just keeping quiet is all you can do but then there are times like now when staying silent will get you nowhere fast. Sometimes you just have to come out of the closet to speak your mind and say 'I AM HUMAN TOO'

Speak Out

Well now you have a chance to calmly explain to the whole world why you deserve the same rights as anyone else.

Read & Discuss what others have said about some of the basic issues facing all gay persons and for that matter, any other minority. Think about it, if any government can restrict the rights of one minority, how far off is it before other 'accepted' minorities also find their rights curtailed or even over turned?

Join the on going discussions in our Gay Talk Forums.

Read & Comment

Read articles written by ordinary folk like you about such hot gay issues as the simple right to marry the person you love. Read articles from a practising RC Priest about being gay or discuss why everyone assumes that pedophiles are all gay. Discuss why some think that being gay means God didn't create you.

Speak Your Mind in our Gay Talk Forums

Being Gay is Not A Choice

Being Gay Is Not A Choice

Gay Pride

Be Proud Of Who You Are

Come to our Gay Talk Forums to read what some have to say about gay marraige, about being gay or why God made me gay.

Jump Up On The Soapbox

Add your own voice to the outcry against descrimination, speak out in our Gay Talk Forums.


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