Personal Opinion by Gaystoryman

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Despite the claims to the contrary, we do not live in a free society. Speech might be protected under various articles of nationhood, but they are constantly under attack by those who are offended by the opinions of others.

One of the major complaints is that Adult Material is available at will to minors, whether it is straight sex or homosexual sex. The various Governments today, find sex repulsive, or not suitable for viewing by children. Religious groups specially target Adult Sites on those grounds, and many so called conservative politicians parrot those sentiments.

I for one am amazed at his hypocrisy because frankly one of the sexiest books around today is the Bible. If you are lucky to have one illustrated by ancient Monks, you will see far more graphical depictions than on many so called ĎPorn Sitesí. Yet these people rant and rave about what we show, claiming the high moral road that it isnít suitable for children.

However, under most religions, the age of consent is actually 13 years of age. Personally, I believe that Children should be taught about sex, from people who know the subject. I believe proper sex education should begin at early stages, as they do in Denmark I believe, where basic sex education is taught beginning at Grade 1.

What is interesting is that the rate of child abuse, the rate of teen pregnancy in that country is one of the lowest around. Is there a relation to when they begin to actually teach their kids? I suppose the religious fanatics would argue that it is just an anomaly, though I rather doubt that is true.

My belief is simple, if something like homosexuality offends you, then why are you here? If you donít want your kids to find this site, then why arenít you moderating their computer use? That is your job, as a parent, not mine as a writer or webmaster.

I can do nothing more than to label this site, as it is. If your kids or yourself access this site, then it is your obligation to not proceed further. It is your sole obligation as a parent to insure your children are safe, not mine.

To demand more than voluntary ratings, is in my mind censorship. That is not what Free Speech is, and I believe that if you censor material that is objectionable to you, what happens when you are no longer in power and the new elite want to stop you from speaking your mind? Think about it before you get all upset at seeing this site.

Homosexuality is a part of nature, just as being born is a simple fact of nature. Some survive, some donít, just as some are born Gay, others not. Donít hate what you arenít, because life is too short.


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