Giving In to Tempation of the Flesh

 Chapter 1

The night was cool, even for this time of year and the wind found a way to get right inside. Mind you the tight dark green skirt wasn’t helping keeping it out.  Terry shivered in the breeze watching a small group of three men in white come sauntering down the empty street. 

It hadn’t been as busy as he thought it would be, the wind keeping most of the action inside the bars along the strip. The fleet was in and yet you wouldn’t know it.  He watched as they came closer, seeing the white blur become more distinct. He could tell that one on the far right was way too old but god, the one in the middle sure looked like he had just come fresh out of diapers. He could see a sparkle in the eyes, and as they approached, Terry adjusted his skirt, clenching his legs closer, making sure the tight wrap was holding.

That was the hardest part of his act, keeping his dick hidden between his legs. The make up and all, shit that was easy and kind of fun, but hiding that 7 inch prick was something else. If it ever came loose, he was fucked, and not the way he preferred it. 

The three sailors came past, slowing down to admire the tall 6ft brunette leaning against the building. The one in the middle, the young one couldn’t stop himself from staring at the vision of loveliness. He whistled softly but it carried in the night air.

“Howdy boys” Terry tossed out in his best husky Mae West voice.

“Oh hi baby” the older fat one on the far end said.

“Hey babe” the other man said.

Terry barely acknowledged them, as his eyes locked onto the most perfect set of blue orbs he had ever seen. It was as if the night had been suddenly shunned aside.

“What’s your name there Handsome” he cooed at him, jutting his hip outwards, throwing his chest forward a bit to show a pair of rather tiny breasts.

The young sailor in the middle almost choked as he stared into the softest face he had ever seen. He could feel his groin pulling hard against the tight white underwear, his penis stretching the fabric, pushing against his uniform pants. There was no hiding his erection and he could see the tall willowy lady staring straight at it.

“Well aren’t you looking like you need some female attention” Terry managed to softly whisper out, her eyes bulging from their sockets at the huge lump in the youngster’s pants. He licked his lips, envisioning just what was being held by those pants, and could feel his own penis jerking hard against the straps that held it in place.

“Hey Todd.. the lady is talking to you boy”

So that was his name, Todd. Hmm, it suited him, Terry thought as he waited for the object of his desire to speak. He could see his awkwardness and damn it, yes there was even a tinge of red around the cheeks. The kid was blushing, which really made Terry squirm a little in his skirt. God he was so damn handsome, the short cropped blond hair, the perfect white teeth and those eyes, fuck those eyes were so damn blue, it was amazing.

“Surely a big strong sailor like you isn’t bashful, are you Todd?”

  Fuck even the sound of his name on his lips made Terry want to cum already. This was getting dangerous for him, his brain was sending up all the warning flags but hell, you only lived once and this kid was certainly his dream man. He had it all, the strong rippling muscles hardly touched by age, the sweet smell of youth just oozed from every pore.

“No.. but.. well.. I  uh..   I mean hi ...”

“You’ll have to excuse our friend here Miss?... uh?  Your name dearie?”

“God you guys really talk like that?... hehe   name is Terry.... and your friend is cute....”

“See Todd.... and you thought tonight wasn’t your lucky night.... here we gone and found you someone who likes you... what do you say to that?”

“Bug off Jake.... shit... excuse me Ma’am... uh... my friends here are kind of .... well... uh... what I mean....”

“Hush... hehe... I am used to that.. so Todd, feeling like some company tonight?”

There, it was out in the open now, no way he could back off without exposing himself. Terry waited, licking his lips with desire on the one hand, trepidation on the other. God this kid was hot, the way his legs filled those quaint white bell bottom sailor pants. The shirt was stretched by his chest and yet you could see the youthfulness in his face.

Terry moved in closer, her face now only inches from Todd’s. He looked into his blue eyes, and was stunned to see the clearness of them. His movement brought him a sharp stab of pain, as his penis was desperately struggling to break free of the straps. His desire for this kid was starting to overwhelm him and yet he couldn’t stop.

He could see in the eyes the desire that his figure had aroused in the young man. There was no doubt in his mind that this fine young sailor wanted to sail Terry’s ship all right. Now if he could just coax him out of that shyness, this might work out. His whole mind concentrated on the boy’s face, completely ignoring the obvious lust in the other two. Terry wanted Todd, and to hell with the risks he was running, he ached badly inside.

“Well Todd... ?  how bout it?”

“Uh... well... uh...okay.. I guess....”

“Shit go for it man....  unless maybe you too chicken?”

“No... yea.. I could use some company.. and take a hike Jake...”

“Well... why don’t you and I go around the corner there Todd... where we can be alone for a bit... maybe you can meet up later with your friends?”

“Uh... yeah sure.... look fellas.... I’ll see you back at the ship..”

“Hehe.. yeah okay lover boy” the fat one said, a forlorn look in his own eyes. The two men left, leaving Todd and Terry alone.

“So.. uh.... what do we do now?”

“You are new to this aren’t you hun?”

“well.. yeah I sort of... yeah I guess so.”

“Okay... don’t worry bout it... mama will be gentle...”

“Uh... we going to do it here? .... I mean.. uh isn’t there...”

“there’s a hotel just round the corner sweetie... got a ten spot for the room?”

“yeah sure... here...”

“thanks... now come on.. I don’t know about you but I kind of want to get into that room.”

They walked briskly over to the flashing neon sign that promised rooms to rent by the day or week. The sign in was quick and a room key tossed without a word by the small balding man behind the caged front desk.

Terry led her young Romeo up the stairs and had the door open before Todd could even check the room number. He more or less tumbled into the room, and in the harsh yellow light of the bare light bulb, he still made Terry’s heart quicken.

There was something about his tall figure that just seemed to make Terry ache. He couldn’t help himself, and while he had many young men in his life, this one was something special. If his life depended on it, which it very likely may, he couldn’t explain the sudden attraction to the tall nervous man in white that filled his thoughts at this moment.

Todd stood by the ratty bed, seeing the flashing neon sign adding its eerie light to the yellow from the hanging bulb in the ceiling. He turned to the sound of the chain on the door rattling to see Terry, his blouse already off, a black lace bra covering some small breasts. He looked up into the dark eyes and saw a strange glint in them. He backed up to the bed as Terry advanced on him.

Terry couldn’t hold back. As the sound of the chain rattling echoed in the room, he moved forward seeing his prey, feeling his penis squirming between his legs. The rubbing of his legs against his own swollen cock was agony to Terry but before him was his promised land.

He reached out, his manicured fingers resting lightly on the course linen of the white jumper shirt. He felt his body tremble at the touch, and had to blink twice. Damn, his eye makeup was starting to run as his eyes misted over under the sudden touch of the warm body in front of him.

With a firm pressure, he forced Todd to sit down on the bed, then with a deftness born out of experience, he managed to get the young man flat on his back while his other manicured hand tugged expertly at the pants. The belt was undone in a flash, and he could smell that special scent of a young male in heat.

The bulge was huge to his eyes as he glanced downwards, his thigh resting up against Todd’s still clad legs. God this was a turn on to him. His whole body ached as he reached up to run his long fingers under the shirt, where he felt the hard muscles of the boy’s stomach, feeling them tighten as his hand passed over them.

It was beyond his control. Terry could feel the boys presence invade his entire body. He shuddered as his hands roamed over the taut chest of the young sailor, his own dick was in pure agony and his whole groin was on fire. He bent down to kiss the angelic face and as his lips touched, he felt the sailor’s arms move around to hold him. Damn he was losing it, as his whole body simply was nothing but a mass of quivering jelly. 

His hand traveled down to the opened pants, to desperately reach inside before he lost all reason. His fingers stretched down and found the waist band and was starting to reach inside when he felt his own legs being attacked.

Todd had managed to get his hand around the side and was rubbing his leg, moving his young hand up Terry’s thigh, feeling the nylons and he was starting to reach across.

Quickly Terry pushed his lips onto the soft moist mouth of Todd, feeling them open under the pressure of his tongue. He could feel the pounding beat of the young heart against his own chest, feel his own body quiver to the jolts of electricity that passed between them. His hand now pulling hard inside, for the source of the heat that seemed to emanate from there.

Just as his fingers touched the scorching hot base of the massive erection inside of Todd’s pants, he felt a sickening jerk as his own penis managed to break free of the restraints. He could feel it pressing upwards out of his legs, against his pantyhose, and he couldn’t stop its motion, as the pre cum was hastening  its freedom.

He pushed himself down, his tongue just barely clearing Todd’s eager mouth and he bit him lightly on the chin, tasting the fresh salty youth, then it moved down, his hands now pushing the pants with them, as he struggled to move his body down and off the bed. His legs no longer resting firmly against the strong young body.

Terry managed to position himself between the two legs, the white sailor suit now crumbled and off to one side. He saw the huge thick pole sticking out of the badly stretched white briefs, and his mouth was eager to taste this piece of boy meat.

He reached up with both hands, to grip the elastic and then he pulled. The underwear came off, and standing up in front of his bulging eyes was a long thick pole, dripping with a grayish white cream.

His eyes bulged outwards as he took in the massive penis that stood before him. Time seemed to suddenly stand still as he ogled the beautiful object in front. His own penis was now jerking hard at the sight of that thick pulsing pole.

Todd’s hands rested lightly on top of his shoulder. Terry could feel the fingers clenching and unclenching as his own hands pulled the underwear down to expose the full balls that dangled beneath the towering pole.  Terry leaned inwards, his tongue flicking out as he approached the large cock that just stood there, waiting, dripping.

He kissed the hot balls, first one, then the other, then he raised his one hand to push up against the light pubic hair, to keep the hard cock in front of his eyes. He could feel it pulse, even without touching it. His eyes stared with an insane desire, and his own cock was sticking straight out now. If Todd could see down, between Terry’s legs,  he would see a thick cock, dripping its own pre cum.

Terry moved his face upwards, his lips brushing past the dangling balls, kissing them gently but now moving upwards towards what they really wanted. Todd’s huge cock was there, waiting and as if pre arranged, as Terry’s lips touched the rock hard base, the cock swayed and brushed up against Terry’s face.

He breathed deeply, smelling Todd’s scent. It filled his nostrils, and made him sway slightly. The huge cock brushed up against his nose and cheeks. With an amazing amount of speed, he found the huge cock slipping past his lips, entering his eager mouth. His body sagged as his throat opened wider to take the large pulsating penis.

Terry swallowed deeply, his body now pressing upwards against the bed, feeling the strong legs of Todd squeezing his lower body, as his mouth eagerly took the huge thick cock inside. He tasted the salty pre cum as the fiery cock head went past his tongue, into the dark recess of his throat.

As the tip of the cock head entered past his lips, he wrapped them around the head, feeling the cap head, the ridges and more importantly, the fresh young boy flesh. He groaned as he moved his mouth down the huge throbbing cock shaft. 

Terry could hear the young man moaning as his mouth slipped down the huge shaking cock shaft. He could feel the vein underneath it quivering as the blood raced along, filling the huge cock with its life blood. He quickened his pace, forcing the huge throbbing member deep into his throat, his own cock now freely pressing against the bed, through his panty hose.

His face pushed deep into the young blond pubic hairs, the bristles scratching up against his face, tickling his nose a bit. He breathed deeply, swaying as the scent flowed through his whole body. He shook as he quickly moved his lips upwards, holding tightly the hot young flesh.

As the huge cock head came back up his throat, he could feel the young body shaking beneath him. Before the hot head could poke out, he slammed his face forward again, forcing the throbbing penis deep back into his throat. Back and forth he rocked as he took every inch of the huge cock into his mouth. Up and down his lips moved, holding firmly to the bucking cock as he rasped his teeth along the tender flesh.

With a sudden shout, he knew that Todd was about to cum. He placed his hands around the now sweat stained butt cheeks, holding the boys firm flesh in his hands, pushing the torso upwards, forcing the now wildly shaking penis further into his own throat. He almost gagged as the long thick pulsing cock dug its way deep into his throat. He felt it tickle his tonsils and then he knew it was time.

Terry flicked his tongue outwards against the massive organ, and with an even louder shout, the body beneath him started to shake wildly. His grip was almost lost as the body shook and he gritted his body, waiting for the sudden explosion he knew that was coming.

The huge body bucked again and again. Each upward thrust almost pushed his head up and off the lodged penis. Huge gobs of warm salty milk flooded out of the shaking organ. Terry gagged again and again as the thick cream filled his throat and mouth. Desperately he swallowed, trying to keep every drop inside his mouth. The salty taste made him feel hotter, and he refused to let the huge cock out, no matter how much it bucked.

There was no stopping the flood. Todd’s cock continued to jerk and spill its wild load into the cavernous mouth. A river of cream was flooding back up the throat and filled his mouth, tiny streams dribbling down each corner of his mouth.

Terry struggled to keep ahead, and slowly he was succeeding as the huge cock stopped its wild gyrations inside his throat. Gradually he loosened his grip on the throbbing cock, letting it pull out. The hot flesh was slowly softening, and the body it was attached to was quickly returning to normal. No longer did it shake, squirm, and tremble.

The huge cock slid out of the mouth, cum coating every inch of the now softening skin, the blood no longer rushing along the thick veins. No longer pulsing, no longer forcing the huge piece of meat to stand at attention. As it slowly slid out, Terry couldn’t contain himself any longer. With dried drops of cum on his lips, he leaned back on his hands, his stomach full of the young man milk.

Terry’s eyes were closed, the vision of the hard cock entering his mouth filled his thoughts. He ached all over, his whole body seemed to sense the need for the young man on the bed.

“YOU’RE A FUCKING GUY!” the voice shouted.



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