Taking You Beyond Just Sex

Chapter 1

Kip stared at the dark blue 1969 Mustang, and shook his head. He wished he could take it to work, but he just couldn’t afford the insurance yet, not to mention the cost of gas and repairs his car needed. Boone had said he could work on it at the shop, but he just couldn’t afford the time right now, the place was actually busy but then it always did pick up this time of year as the new crop of college boys started filtering in, plus the returning ones.

He tied the top of his coveralls around his waist, preferring to walk to work and the sun was still out, the temperature still up there near the eighties and he hated feeling all sweaty before starting work. Wearing just a white t-shirt would keep him cool as he walked to work and he felt a bit better today, he had done his once a month stint over at Monty’s Place and his rent was paid for another month.

As he began his long walk to work, he wondered how he was going to manage, so far August had not been a stellar month for cash flow, and while Boone threw him whatever side work he could, it still was tough to make everything come out even. Then too, the girls needed new clothes for school not to mention Bobby who was growing faster than he though possible. Then too, he had the doctor’s bills for his mother and her medication, and it just ate the money up faster than he could make it. Least with the college starting up in a few weeks, he should be able to breath easier. He always was able to find an extra few bucks when it was operating, and usually summer school helped but not this year, for some reason even the rich seemed to be holding back a little.

Looking at his watch, he started to walk a little faster as it was getting onto 7 and he was supposed to be at the garage by then. Boone was giving him a few extra hours each night, which while was only $10 more a day, come payday it sure did help and he knew that it was just as hard for Boone to come up with that extra money as it was needed by him. He liked Boone, and wondered a little about him, but ever since he took over Sid’s Garage two years ago, he had been decent to Kip. He was the first black man that Kip had really ever known, and despite the man’s gruff exterior, he treated Kip well. Besides, you didn’t show up late often when the boss man was an ex Marine Corps sergeant.

Kip’s stride grew stronger as he turned and stared up at the long rolling road ahead of him. Just off in the distance he could see the garage sign and figured he’d be there in another 15 minutes when he heard the sound of a car pulling up next to him. He turned to see the state police cruiser; its engine throbbing as the window rolled down and Officer Green stared out at him.

“Hey Kip, heading to work?”

“Yes Sir”

“Hop in, I’ll give you a lift”

“Thanks, appreciate it”

He ran around to the passenger door and climbed in, glad for the lift and he listened to the crackle of the police radio and static that always seemed to hum from it. This was becoming a normal routine, and he didn’t mind it one bit, because the climb up the hill was a bitch in the evening sun and heat. It seemed that it just didn’t start to cool down much before 9 but he kind of wondered about the State Trooper. The guy was not bad to look at and Kip was certain that Officer Green had stolen a few glances at him, but then he was also a bit paranoid about being in a cop car. Wonder what the trooper would think if he knew that Kip did a strip show three times in a night over at Monty’s?

“Well, here you are”

“Huh? Oh sorry, thanks Officer, appreciate the lift”

“You know Kip, You can call me Pat, you don’t have to be so formal all the time”

“Sorry, I guess I still get nervous around Police”

“Well, we aren’t all that bad are we?”

“Oh no, not at all, just I guess, from my dad, I guess, sorry”

Officer Green stared at the tall young man, admiring his build and wondering if he worked out much, but then looking at the well-defined chest sticking out of the thin white t-shirt, he knew that Kip had to work out. The kid really was a good looking young man and while not much of a conversationalist, he was good company.

This was Patrick Green’s first real duty assignment since he joined the State Police, and he wanted to make a difference. Despite having 6 years experience, he still held to his idealism and part of that meant that he wanted to know the people he was paid to protect and serve. One of the perks of his job, he thought, was that he could be involved, and so he had made it a point when he was assigned here three months ago to check out all the local night spots on his beat. Sid’s Garage was a natural, and he was impressed by the owner, Boone Jones and even more so by his night attendant, Kip Tanner.

The tall 6 foot young man seemed rather nervous when they had first met, and he had been suspicious until Sheriff Miller had filled him in on the boy’s history. Seemed like the young man was the sole means of support for his family, his mother was virtually bed ridden by acute arthritis and he looked after his two sisters and younger brother. Not only that, but according to Boone the kid was a natural mechanic and without any formal training. The father on the other hand was pure scum; in fact, he was in prison, on charges of aggravated assault with special circumstances. Funny, the old man it turned out was a racist and yet his kid seemed unaffected by it, but while he was still and idealist, he knew that the father had to have had some negative influence of Kip, what, he hadn’t found out yet.

Part of him hoped it was nothing too serious; Kip did have a bit of a record as a juvenile, but for the last few years his sheet was perfectly clean. According to the Sheriff, he never had any real trouble with Kip, the occasional fight or drunk and disorderly but nothing that couldn’t be solved outside of the system. Patrick Green was happy for that, and as he watched the tall man cleaning his windows, and even wiping the headlights, he wondered if the kid had much of a social life, working nights didn’t give you much time to yourself, plus he did part time dish cleaning at Annie’s Diner in town, so really, the kid just seemed too busy.

Kip looked up from under the hood of the pick up truck and stared at the clock. It showed just after 11pm and he looked outside, to stare at the lit gas pumps and he wondered if Jake was going to show tonight. He was generally here long before 11pm and besides, Kip could use the extra money the guy tossed him every week.

He enjoyed working nights, mainly because after 10 it was quiet and he could get a lot of work done, both on vehicles and with the one or two regulars who would show up, looking for some of his special work. It really was kind of a rush too, because while rarely did someone show up during the long night hours, it did happen and could happen. The idea of being caught was nerve racking, but also exciting to him, sort of like pushing the edge, seeing just how far he could go.

There was that one time, a year ago when he was out in the back with one of his few regulars. They were going at it hard, the guy like to take it hard and he paid well, and besides, Kip enjoyed feeling the power he held over the man, ramming his long thick dick up the guy, making him squirm and cry out when they heard the bell ringing out front. He had begun to panic, and was about to pull out when his customer begged him to finish. It was a risk, because if it was a local, he’d more than likely come out back to the shop, but still the guy was insistent so Kip obliged him.

The thought that at any second someone he knew would walk in on him fucking this guy made his heart pound even faster and for some unexplained reason, he felt such a thrill that he fucked the guy really hard, trying to make him cry out loudly even which was really stupid and yet totally intoxicating for him. He still got chills over that night, and as he walked out of the shop towards the pump island, he could feel his cock stirring, feeling it grow as it too remembered that insane night.

The loud cry of a young man’s voice had echoed just as he had finished dumping his load, and was in the process of ripping off the full condom. He recognized the voice as being one of the high school’s star basketball players and he knew the guy was a jerk, if he walked in on them it would be all over town that Kip was a fag, something he had struggled to hide all his young adult life. Yet, the notion that it could happen somehow kept him excited and he noticed his dick still was pretty hard, even after he had shot an enormous load. His client, an older man of about 40 something noticed it too as he peeled off a crisp $100 bill and then tossed a $20 with it. He smiled and Kip could tell the guy was interested in going at it again but the sound of the jock’s car horn broke the spell.

Kip stood by the diesel pump, looking out at the off ramp wondering if Jake was going to make it tonight. He could use the money and sometimes, if Jake had the time he would go for a more intimate session, which always meant more money in Kip’s pocket. Jake really wasn’t all that bad, once you got over his rather dumpy looks. The guy was balding and his breath could kill a moose at a hundred yards sometimes, but he never tried to stiff him, and he even brought Kip a Christmas present and surprised him with a birthday present too, something that rarely happened in his life.

While he waited, he wondered if he would ever get ahead in life. It wasn’t much fun having to work pumping gas, even if Boone was a cool boss, and then to have to pick a few shifts at the diner just so he could pay his rent and his mom’s mortgage just didn’t leave him much time to do anything. It was one reason why he enjoyed working nights, at least then he could find time to dream, to hope for something more but the problem was, he really had no idea what it was he wanted.

He was lucky, even though his father had tried to end his life a few times, and had made his childhood pure hell, he had been blessed with a quick mind, a very good body that he tried to look after, and a willingness to use that body without the need of making excuses for it. Strutting on a stage for a bunch of screaming women was easy, what were hard at times were those little extra things some of them wanted.

It also wasn’t always easy to turn his mind off the fact that the person he was screwing or sucking or sucking him was not someone more in line with boyfriend material. At first, he never really thought much about it, after all it was a way to get some money, something he was always short of, but over the last few years, it felt a bit strange at times.

Take doing it with Jake, the guy really was never clean, this was near the end of his trip and he smelled from stale cigarette smoke, stale air from driving and he did sweat a lot too, driving that double tandem old Kenworth, and then you had his actual looks. The guy had to be close to 50 or more; his hair was mostly gone except along the sides, which he grew long to plaster over the shiny bald part in the middle. It looked ridiculous and usually after a heated session, the hair would droop down and the guy just looked plain silly.

Despite Jake’s rather obvious defects, the guy really was pretty decent. Kip smiled as he recalled the one time he and Jake had been doing it out in the garage bay, behind the same damn pick up that he was working on now. He had his coveralls down to his ankles and Jake was down on his knees, his mouth slowly working over Kips dick and his one hand down around his own rather small dick, pulling on it as he sucked Kip’s.

He had his hands resting on the workbench, his head was tossed backwards as he tried to conjure up something that would keep him hard and let him please the man sucking on him. The image of a TV star, Sam Horrigan from Grace Under Fire reruns flashed through his head and he really did like the way the guy smiled, and talked, and he was getting right into it, thinking that was who was on their knees sucking on his almost 8 inch cock, so he never really heard the car drive up. His mind was just too far into his fantasy and the next thing he remembered was the sudden chill that went up his spine as he heard a man calling out for him.

Kip remembered looking down at Jake, saw the absolute terror in his eyes as he still held Kip’s dick on his lips, his one hand still holding onto his already softened cock. The rush of adrenalin seemed to just excite him more, and his own cock refused to soften, staying rock hard as he answered tersely, telling the intruder, he’d be right there. As he did, he reached down for his coveralls, pulling them up and as he zipped them up, there was no way of hiding the thick bulge in his groin, but he seemed not to care as he walked out from behind the truck to see a State Trooper standing at the bay door.

The vision of the young State Trooper standing at the bay door, his legs spread wide, one hand resting on his holster had been quite an arousing site. He liked the way the officer looked, so clean cut and so damn hot looking. Kip reached down to adjust the bulge in his groin as his mind continued to dredge up old times, and then out of the corner of his eye he spotted the large headlights heading down the off ramp and he knew that Jake was finally showing up. He waited by the pump, wondering if Jake would even want a special session or not, since it was so late.

With a hissing of air brakes, the old styled Kenworth pulled up by the single diesel pump, and a sweating balding man leaned out the window, a wan smile across his face. He looked tired and Kip felt a little sorry for the man, knowing he still had about a 3 hour drive ahead of him before he could call it a night.

“Hey Kip, fill the slug up will you, I gotta pee like a race horse”

“Okay Jake, you are late tonight”

“Don’t I know it, some yahoo decided to play chicken on the interstate, big pile up, had us blocked for ages it seemed, saw your trooper buddy there”

“Oh? He seems decent for a cop”

“Yeah, so you and him ever?”

“NO, geez Jake, you think everyone is as perverted as you?”

“Haha, no, not really, uh, we aren’t going to have much time tonight”

“You still want to?”

“Fuck yeah, I need some relaxation, uh, was wondering…”


“How bout you suck me this time? I don’t take long, you can probably do it while the slug is filling”

“Uh, well, you know I am not really one for that Jake”

“Yeah, I know, it is just, well shit Kip, I hate doing you fast, you taste so damn hot, but, oh well, so the usual? $40?”

“Yeah that’s fine, uh, I’ll meet you in the john, okay?”


Kip quickly checked the oil stick and did a fast run through over the hoses connecting the tandem trailers to the cab and then with the pump set to ‘auto’ he jogged to the side of the station building where the washrooms were. He knocked on the door, letting Jake know, and also to take one last look around, to make sure no cars were coming up the road. With everything clear he entered the small washroom to see Jake finishing washing his hands, the toilet still making its noise.

He reached back with his hand, locking the door so no one could burst in, and then he leaned close to it, his reflection showing up behind Jake’s. Slowly he brought his hands up to unzip the dark coveralls, and he could see Jake’s eyes bulging as they watched his reflection. Slowly he brought down the stained material, the biceps on his arms rippling under the dingy white t-shirt sleeve. He smiled as he pushed the coveralls further, showing the rippling muscles of his abdomen.

Kip bent down to push his coveralls down to around his ankles, his cock semi hard already, not yet fully extended to its proud 8 inches of manhood but getting there. He smiled wider as he moved his hands slowly up his legs, the firm muscles quivering to his touch as he brought his hand up, to play lightly with the flesh of his groin, twirling some of his dark blond pubic hairs, and then he moved both hands upwards, pushing the thin dirty white t-shirt up with them.

The rippling muscles of his stomach clearly showed now, the golden flesh filling the mirror with its radiance and making Jake gasp a little as he continued to stare at the image in the mirror, afraid to turn around and look at the real thing for fear it was all an illusion. Jake still found it hard to believe that once every two weeks he got to see such an exhibition of pure prime boy, and he licked his lips as he saw the hands continuing upwards, the shirt bunching as the long body continued to be unwrapped for him.

Jake’s groin felt like it was on fire as he staggered a little, as Kips fingers dallied around the firming pink nipples. He watched, his lips constantly being licked, as Kip’s fingers played lightly around the dark pink nipples, the burgundy red skin around them seemed to grow and he was sure he could see the muscles flexing underneath the pecs, moving as Kip now started to lick his own lips, and then he stopped, and just stared at Jake in the mirror.

Slowly Jake turned around, his palms sweating and tiny beads of sweat were beginning to drip down his face. He wiped the sweat drops from his eyes as he stared at the tall young man before him, his deep blue eyes seemed to be inviting him forward, seemed to be alive as he felt his own groin almost burst from the wonderful real site of Kip. He walked to one side, as Kip moved forward, as if to greet him but in fact, they were merely changing positions.

The space was narrow and so both had to turn to their sides in order to pass by, and as they did, Kip leaned in forward, letting the thick almost rigid cock brush up against Jake’s middle, the soft bouncy flesh jiggling as the man moved. The touch didn’t phase Kip but he could see Jake start to pour sweat and he was sure he felt a small tremor pass through him, and he just kept smiling, knowing that it made Jake feel good. After all, he wasn’t here to make himself happy, just to make a few needed bucks but it was important to not let Jake feel that.

Finally, Jake was away from the mirror, and staring straight at Kip, who leaned against the sink cabinet. With a twinkle in his eyes, he suddenly pulled his body upwards, so he could sit on the cabinet, his now rigid cock sticking straight up in the air. All 8 inches of it glimmered under the harsh light of the washroom but he could tell that Jake was mesmerized by it. The cold of the counter was a bit of a shock, but he didn’t let it interfere as he reached down with his one hand, to gently push at his now blood gorged cock. He shook it a little, enticing Jake to come forward, sort of like inviting him over and his eyes never left Jake’s face.

As Jake started to stumble forward, his eyes glued to the massive throbbing organ between Kip’s legs, Kip could feel the need to conjure up something, something that would help him make this good and fast, after all Jake did have a schedule to keep. For a second he started to run his mind over names of some television stars that made him horny, but then the vision of a local boy flashed before him. The mere vision made him lick his lips as he reached deep in his memory for the boy’s name, and then it finally came to him as he felt Jake’s warm breath on his crotch.

Jesse’s young face floated in front of him as he raised his one hand to his pecs, slowly rubbing the palm of his hand along his suddenly warm body. He could feel his own breath now, as it sucked in air, marvelling at the long flowing bleached blond hair of Jesse McKnight, an old acquaintance. He looked so damn hot back when they were in school together, and he still did.

Jake reached out with one trembling hand, to grip the throbbing hard cock and he looked up; to see Kip’s eyes close and he wondered what the young man was thinking about as he felt the heat coming from in front of him. There was no doubt that Kip was aroused tonight, and he was under no illusions that it was due to him, but it felt good to think it might be. He looked back at the solid hard mound of flesh in his hand and he could feel its power, the blood flowing with surprising strength through it, the skin drawn taut showing the veins that circled the 8 inch shaft, each vein clearly etched all around the 1 ¾ inch thick penis. He licked his lips as he moved his face in closer, wishing he could spend more time here, knowing he couldn’t.

His lips kissed the hot cock head lightly, making both the penis and his own body tremble. Jake closed his eyes as he slowly moved back to the cock, opening his lips a little, as he guided the throbbing organ into his mouth. His teeth barely letting the hot flesh past, scraping along the taut skin, making Kip moan slightly.

Jake pushed his hand down the throbbing cock shaft with his mouth. He kept his fingers wrapped around the thick pole until the very end, when his mouth had finally taken the whole long shaft deep into his throat. Now he struggled a little, settling the huge cock in the back of his throat as his hands moved off the shaft, to play for a second or two with the pubic hairs, then slowly moving down towards the full swinging balls of Kip.

He breathed in deeply, smelling that special man scent that always made him weak at the knees. This time, smelling Kip’s own personal scent, he started to shake harder than normal as he felt the raw power inside of the boy, the way his hips were set and his muscles coiled. Briefly he opened his eyes to stare at the dark patch of hair that confronted his vision, along with the soft pink flesh above and he started to choke a little, until Kip’s hand on his shoulder made him relax. His eyes stared upwards but he couldn’t see beyond the soft skin of Kip’s stomach, and he noticed the tiny tufts of blond hairs that curled around so lightly.

While Jake was finally taking his cock deep into his throat, Kip once more turned his thoughts to Jesse and how much fun it would be to have him in front, instead of Jake the truck driver. To think of running his own hands through all those soft golden locks of hair, to feel that milky white skin under his own rough mechanic hands, God, what a turn on that would be and he shuddered a little, feeling Jake’s wet lips tighten around his throbbing cock, feeling him as he slowly moved up and down his pulsing cock shaft. The wet saliva added to by his own steady ooze of pre cum made for a strange new feeling to Kip.

Just the act of getting sucked off no longer worked for him, but this time, he was really feeling the lips, feeling the soft grate of teeth as his cock moved faster and faster into Jake’s mouth, yet while he knew it was Jake’s mouth for some reason he kept thinking it was Jesse. God, he would like that, to have someone like Jesse do him, man that would make for a fun night, that wouldn’t end with either of them just shooting their load. He knew he would have to fuck him, to feel his butt being rammed up to his groin, his cock penetrating the warm insides of the young boy and he started to grip the counter harder now, as the images of him pounding Jesse’s rectum with his 8 inch tool grew before his eyes.

Sounds of his own moans echoed inside of his head, making him grip the counter even harder, his knuckles turning almost pure white from the strain as he struggled to focus, to keep the image before him and yet it kept fading out, and still, he could feel it, feel the warm flesh of Jesse’s body next to his own steamy one. His heart started to race faster and his breathing was becoming shallow as he tried to imagine what Jesse would feel like, how he would smell but then he knew that, he knew how Jesse would smell because they had taken gym together. The strong odour wafted up to him now, his nostrils flaring as he lunged his hips back and forth, sending his huge throbbing cock forwards, then pulling it back fast, to only send it flying forwards once more.

The smell, he could smell it again, and it drove him wild. He cried out, his moans no longer whimpers of dreams but cries of passion as his body thrust back and forth. His hands reached down to grip the shaking and bopping head that rested at his crotch. His fingers gripped the sinews of the man’s shoulders, digging into the hard flesh with unequalled fury as his mind continued to smell that special scent, that aroma of a young 15 year old male in gym class, a towel around his thin waist, his long blond hair flowing past his shoulders and down his back. The sea green eyes flickering with amusement as he whistled on the way to the shower stall, Kip staring and almost drooling at him as he went into a closed stall, the towel flung over the door and all Kip could think of then, and now, was what it would feel like to be in that stall with Jesse.

Jake felt the throbbing cock as it grew inside of his mouth. The huge hunk of flesh seemed to fill every part of his mouth and lodged itself deep inside of his throat, the hot fiery head banging hard against the sides of his throat, forcing his muscles to stretch wider than he had ever experienced. His whole body was tense as he struggled with the enormous thrusting tool, every nerve tingling as he felt the hot skin sliding past his wide open jaw. His tongue flattened and left unable to move as the huge cock pushed in and out in a growing fury.

Pain lanced down from his shoulder to add to the growing tremors inside of him as he knelt there, feeling the raw power as Kip pushed his hips in and out, forcing his 8 inches of manhood to more in a blur. He tried to shift positions, but he couldn’t move, the fast pace of his mouth being so methodically plundered was too much for him. He began to moan himself, feeling the desperate desire coming from Kip and for a brief second he wondered what was driving the boy, the way he seemed to be so distant at times, and then there were times like this when Kip seemed to be driven by some unseen force.

The thoughts didn’t last long, as his body couldn’t focus on more, the drilling of his mouth by Kips tool was too intense, to forceful and he began to sway a little, the cold floor no longer making his knees ache, instead his body groaned from the rising levels of testosterone. Jake could smell it, that intoxicating scent that always brought his own body to a heightened state of arousal, only this time he was hanging on, unable to reach his own organ, his hands holding tightly onto the quaking thighs of Kip. He could feel the muscles rippling and pulling with each thrust, each parry and it felt so damn good, so damn hot that all other thoughts simply vanished from his mind.

His eyes were clenched closed tightly, teardrops were slowly being squeezed outwards to roll unheeded down from the corners of his eyes and the roll down his cheeks. His lips were tight, his upper teeth biting down on the soft plush flesh of his lower lips as his mind continued to see images of a young 15 year old Jesse, watching the way his small hips moved, his perfectly shaped buttocks wiggling behind the thin coating of a school towel and all the time, long strands of flowing blond hair trailed behind him. Kip never really had thought much about Jesse, until now and the sudden throb of his heart, ache in his loins was something he had never felt before, not this way, and he groaned louder as he thrust forward, forcing his hard 8 inches once more deep into Jake’s swollen face.

His whole body was straining, Kip could feel the eggs inside of his swollen balls, as they began to pour their precious milk outwards, to fill the leathery sac and as the tiny drops came out, he could feel his blood beginning to churn and boil in his veins. His arms grew numb and he swayed on the sink counter, his body no longer under his control and his legs began to twitch without control, banging against the shabby counter base, adding to the din that now echoed in the small washroom.

Kip didn’t think it could get any more intense, but then he saw those oval cheeks flash before his eyes, and he leaned back, a deep guttural howl coming from deep inside of his stomach, rolling upwards to fill the room with its loud boisterous noise. He shuddered as he recalled that one time when Jesse had come from out behind the shower stall, his body pink and glistening with silver drops of water, and his eyes had caught a glimpse of his buttocks. The twin oval shapes shaking as tiny drops of water rolled down and around the two mounds of pink flesh.

As that fleeting moment in his history came flooding back to him, his body arched outwards, driving his steaming 8 inches deeper than it had ever gone into Jake’s mouth. He felt the man’s tonsils as his huge cock started to buck and jerk from side to side, and his balls suddenly felt like they were on fire as they burst forth, their rubber like skin pushing hard against Jake’s jaw.

Every part of his body seemed to be shaking or shuddering as his mind continued to play back in slow motion that scene of his one and only glimpse of what lay behind the towel or jeans that Jesse wore. He saw the pink flesh, the tiny blond hairs all matted and wet, glistening in the harsh light of the locker room and he could see the way they curled up at the top, where his back met his lower body. The deep cleft that promised whoever went travelling there nothing but hidden treasure that would make any man swoon.

His body shook and his cries of release filled the washroom. Kip was shaking, his hands digging hard into Jake’s shoulder, digging until they struck bone and he cried out again and again, as his body shook, every muscle uncoiled and stretched outwards to breaking point.

Jake winced as the pain roared through his shoulder down his spine, and yet he pushed inwards, willing his throat to take the jerking penis even deeper, knowing it couldn’t but desperate to try. His body began to tremble as the first stinging stream of hot milk came flooding out and down his throat. His stomach gurgled and his lungs expanded, his mouth sucking greedily at the huge throbbing cock and he began to choke, to cough as the steady stream of hot sticky milk came flooding out. He couldn’t stop himself from choking, panic gripping his heart and yet he refused to move his face, to loosen the stranglehold his lips and jaw had on the monster cock that was drowning him with its hot cream.

Swallowing repeatedly, he struggled with the huge streams of milk and still it cam flooding inwards, filling his throat and then his mouth until finally drops of white cream began to dribbled out of the corners of his mouth, to slowly drip down his chin and roll down his face. His lips were crushed into Kip’s groin, the wiry pubic hairs nestled firmly into his flesh, scratching the underside of his nose and still he refused to move away, determined to receive as much as his old body could.

Just as suddenly, as the image of Jesse and their time together in school had come upon him, it left his vision. In a flash, it was gone and he felt his body react, struggling to regain its composure and to once more return to a sedate state. His groin ached still, but in a different way. His body was exhausted and yet he felt unsatisfied, as if it had all been a trial run, as if it was nothing more than a dry run even though he could feel the sweat cooling on his flesh.

Jake laid against the door, panting as Kip’s cum dried on his lips and chin. He looked like he had been through a ringer; the sweat showing dark stains all across his shirt, hardly a spot left dry. He had never experienced such power or force before, not from Kip or anyone else for that matter and he was surprised that he had survived it, and yet at the same time he wished he could spend the rest of his life here, sampling that raw passion over and over again. The semi sweet taste of Kip’s milk making him hunger for more of the precious nectar but as he slowly got his bearings, and looked up at Kip he saw the way Kip looked, exhausted and spent and yet unfulfilled. It made his heart ache a little, wondering what secrets the young man had.

Both of them just sat there, unwilling to break the spell or voice their thoughts, Jake exhausted and satisfied beyond measure, Kip unsure of what had happened and yet slightly frightened by it all, despite the weakness in his limbs. Finally the world intruded as a car horn sounded and made Kip glance up towards the door, his face constricting as he slowly slumped down to stand on his feet. He looked down at Jake, smiled a weak smile and then pulled his coveralls up, zipping them up in a quick motion and then he reached for the door, as the horn sounded once more, more urgently.

“Wait a few minutes before coming out, okay Jake?”

“Yeah, don’t think I can move before then anyways”

“You okay?”

“Okay? Shit kid, that was… how, I mean yeah I am okay, just showing my age”

“Haha, yeah, okay, uh, can you kind of let me by?”

Jake slowly shifted his bulk to one side, so Kip could open the door a little and squeeze out through the small opening. As he passed, Jake looked up at the young man, seeing a sort of glazed look in his eyes and he wondered what was going through that handsome face, and just who or what had he been thinking of that had made him so damn hot only a few minutes earlier.

Kip struggled past the slumped Jake and walked out into the crisp night air, the scent of man milk no longer filling his nostrils. He breathed in deeply, shaking a little as he remembered how aroused he had become thinking about Jesse McKnight. He hadn’t thought much of him for so many years, and yet tonight it seemed like he had never thought of anything else. God, was he being perverted or what? Granted, Jesse was hot, even now, though he hadn’t seen him in several months, but to think he might be into getting it on with him? Man, that was like believing in fairy tales.

The night air was a bit cool and he shivered a little, but deep down inside he knew it wasn’t from the chill in the air but from his thoughts, the ones he had kept buried for almost 4 years, the ones he rarely let come out because he just didn’t want to deal with a past that had no future for him. The pain was too much, and while he didn’t run from it, he sure as hell wasn’t about to let it run his life anymore than it already did. He shrugged his shoulders, tossing the thoughts away, or so he thought, and headed back out front to see who the dickhead was that was sounding his horn so much.

Turning the corner, he saw the sleek silver car resting by the pumps, and he felt tightness around his throat as he marvelled at the expensive machine. He liked its lines and he could see the power it held, the way it just sort of sat there like a silver clad warrior’s steed and then his eyes turned upwards, to stare at the impatient face of its owner and while the car awaken some man thing inside of him, the driver did the exact opposite.

Kip recognized the guy from last year. He was one of those rich pricks from up at the Academy and he let everyone know he was rich. It wasn’t like some of the kids, who actually seemed a bit embarrassed by how much money they had, but this jerk was the exact opposite. His memory was quickly confirmed before he had even gotten into the light of the gas island.

“Well it’s about time, shit, I thought you would have been fired from here long ago”

“Oh? Well sorry to disappoint you, what can I do for you?”

“Well some service would be nice, but I’ll settle for you filling the tank, premium of course”

“Of course”

Grant Waddington watched as Kip reached around to start the pump, undoing the silver gas cap and sticking the nozzle into the tank. He never really liked the hotshot gas attendant much, and for some strange reason when he had first met him last year, he had felt like the guy was a threat to him, something he rarely felt. How the hell could some smart ass grease monkey be a threat to him, Grant James Waddington II, a man who would be a force in the world of high finance, once he finished this lame academy program his father had him stuck in.

He leaned up against the hot metal of his Mercedes SL600 convertible and wondered what kind of year this would be for him. Last year he had been top dog on campus, but this year he wouldn’t be the top dog, least not in family fortunes. This year, some spoiled nobody named Taylor, Andrew Taylor, would be attending the Academy and his family was higher in the social ladder than his, but that was a condition Grant intended to change as soon as he could take the reins over the family affairs. Unlike his father, he would not be afraid to take the risks needed to put them up there with the rich of the richest, and besides, that was all that mattered to him.

Kip watched as the gallons poured into the sleek new machine, and he wondered how it was that someone as annoying as Grant Waddington could have such a machine, while he couldn’t even afford to get basic insurance on his old Mustang? Life just wasn’t fair, he thought, as he watched the dollars mount and he knew that the jerk would make a big deal about using his credit card, he always did last year and if anything, he looked like he would be more of a jerk this year. Sometimes he really didn’t enjoy his job and as he was sure the pump was working fine, he moved to wash down the windows, before Mr. Snooty made a crack about it.

As he began to wipe the window, he saw Jake coming out from around back and for some reason he could feel Grant staring at him and then at Jake, as if the guy sensed that there had been something going on. He had that sick smug smile across his face and while Kip wasn’t a violent person, he had this urge to just haul off and pound the jerk, but unlike his father, he could contain himself. Least he hoped he could.

Jake walked straight to his cab, where he looked at the hose still in the tank and then over at the pump itself. His throat went dry as he reached out and shut off the hose, panic gripping him as he tried to figure out how his calculations had gone so bad. He hated this part of his job, and he was no rocket scientist, but somehow he had grossly misjudged the amount of fuel he had needed. Normally the beast only took about $150.00 worth at this stage of his trip, but somehow the old girl had needed considerably more and he just didn’t have enough cash left for both the fuel bill and Kip. Shit, and after he had such a good time too, now what was he going to do?

He stared over at Kip, the sight of him bending and twisting as he wiped the sports car window made him cringe because he didn’t want to jeopardize something that had been very enjoyable. Plus, he liked Kip and the kid never really pressed him or tried to squeeze him for more money, and now here he was, short and he knew Kip needed the money too. The tough part was, he couldn’t really talk to him, not until that other kid had left so he fiddled with the truck, making like he was checking something, each passing minute making him more nervous.

It seemed like the Mercedes driver was giving Kip a hard time, and Jake grimaced, because the one thing he didn’t want was to have Kip already pissed off, bad enough that he was going to have to have him wait for his dough, but it would be worse if he was already upset because of some rich ass fuck. He waited, catching snatches of the conversation and he could see by the set of Kip’s shoulders that Kip was just containing his temper. Despite all that was happening, he could see feel the deep attraction he was feeling for Kip, the way it was making him feel horny once more.

As he watched, he could see Kip’s annoyance growing and he shifted from foot to foot, hoping the punk in the SL600 would just pay his bill and leave, without adding anymore to Kip’s mood. He could see the look on Kip’s face and he felt acid coming up in his throat, where only a short time earlier he had been treated to the largest sweet load of cum a guy could ask for. God, and now he would have to try to make Kip not think he was ripping him off. Shit, this was not a good night for him, first he was late in leaving, then the delay on the interstate, and now the money and further delay. Yep, this was not his night, except of course for that wild suck job which still made him tingle in his groin.

Finally the silver SL600 squealed out of the service station lot, making a thundering roar as Grant headed down the service road next to the freeway towards the Academy. He had, as usual, made a fuss with paying the bill and moaned that even small town business was having it rough finding good help, but Kip, to his own amazement, had kept his cool. As he watched the car drive away, he felt a bit cheated, wishing that he could have some of the finer things in life, wishing that he didn’t have to parade his body around at strip clubs or in service station washrooms, but he sighed as he watched Jake slowly walking up to the office. Kip knew that at least he had some control over his life.

“So, what the pump read Jake? I’ll get the receipt ready”

“Uh, it reads $218.00”

“Oh? Shit, you normally only get tops, what $150?”

“Yeah, uh, Kip, there is a problem, shit, there isn’t an easy way to say this.”

“Fuck, what?”

Kip stared at Jake, seeing the way he was standing from foot to foot, his eyes downcast and that certainly wasn’t Jake. He always looked at him square in the eyes, but this time he seemed, well, different and the mere mention of a problem had stopped him in his tracks.

“I screwed up, I only have $220 Kip, look, before you get all upset, I’ll make up the difference to you, honest”

“But, that, shit man, that just covers the gas bill, I mean…”

“I know, look isn’t there a way you could maybe fudge the count?”

“Fuck... no there isn’t, well there is, but no, I can’t do that to Boone, he’s been fair to me Jake, shit man, I really need that $40, now what am I supposed to do?”

“Come on Kip, $40 isn’t going to kill you, besides it isn’t like you aren’t going to get it, honest, I’ll be heading back in two days, I’ll stop by and give it to you then”

“And what am I supposed to use to pay for the groceries until then Jake? Shit, this really sucks, why didn’t you tell me”

“I didn’t think the old girl was that thirsty, honest Kip, if I had, I wouldn’t have told you to fill it, as it is, I just barely stopped it in time, honest”

“Yeah sure, okay, well that sure as fuck don’t help me now does it?”

“Come on Kip, things really that tight for you?”

“Fuck yes, you think I do this cause I like getting my dick sucked off by truck drivers? Fuck man, yeah it is that tight”

Kip felt the muscles in his stomach tighten, a strange burning sensation rolled through him and he felt himself beginning to sweat. Cold chills seemed to flow up and down his spine and he threw the pen down, making it jump and bounce until it finally stopped rolling on the cold cement floor of the office. First it was that fucking preppie, now even a regular like Jake, who he had trusted, was making his life miserable, and what had he done to cause all this shit? He had given the service to that preppie shithead, he had given Jake more than what he was entitled for, and did he get a tip? Fuck he wasn’t even paid what was owed.

The anger was rising inside of him; he knew it would explode outwards if he didn’t get a grip on things. His mind started thinking, wondering if Boone really would notice if he fixed the gas count, but then a part of him still refused to consider that option. He may sell his ass, but it was his to sell or not, the gas and everything else here was Boone’s, and he refused to become even more like his dirt bag father. He sure as hell couldn’t help his mom or sisters and brother by being fired from this job, or worse, being tossed in jail. No, he couldn’t fix the gas count so he might as well just try to figure some other way around this.

Jake could almost touch the anger and hatred that hung in the air of the small office, and he felt uneasy, as this was a side of Kip he hadn’t seen before. The guy was struggling to control the rage inside of him, and he actually thought that Kip might reach out to hit him, but he watched as the young 19 year old finally gained control over his anger. Shit, he thought, he knew he would be upset and he felt bad at the ‘truck driver’ comment, but then again he did deserve it.

“Look, I don’t get paid for this haul until mid morning, I suppose if its that tight for you, I could drive out later in the day, instead of waiting till I take my next load out in two days, will that help?”

Kip really wasn’t paying attention, but he managed to take in what Jake had said, and he stared at him, feeling a bit bad for his anger and his comments, the guy at least was being honest with him, he could have just walked away, and he had always kept his promises before. The offer to drive several extra hundred miles on his day off struck a chord and he relaxed a little, seeing lights of a truck coming up the long road from town. Shit, this was turning into a busy night.

“Nah, thanks anyway Jake, I’ll manage for the few days, uh, sorry about flying off the handle, guess Mr. Preppie got under my skin more than I like to admit”

“Yeah? You sure Kip, I mean, I really don’t want to lose our, well, our friendship, I really didn’t mean for this to happen”

“I know Jake, it is cool, today is Monday, so you heading back out, what Wednesday, Thursday?”

“Thursday supposedly, I will swing by here, uh, what if you aren’t here? I mean, uh, I should be passing through around mid afternoon, if all goes as planned”

“Fuck, I work the afternoon at the diner on Thursday, Boone is here and I don’t start till 7, shit, I guess you could leave it in an envelope”

“Will that be okay? I mean Boone won’t think its strange?”

“Shit, well, yeah most likely, I’ll make something up if he asks, just don’t make it look obvious its money, maybe wrap some paper around it, I don’t know, but something like that, shit, looks like another customer”

“Thanks Kip, I’ll leave it here, honest, uh, I’ll head off, you aren’t too pissed at me are you?”

“No, I guess not, no… it’s okay Jake, but uh, don’t do it again, okay?”

“Sure Kip, I will make sure.”

The sound of a blaring country western song intruded as a beat up pick up truck entered the parking lot, slowly stopping opposite the diesel pump, and he watched as Kip headed out to see what they wanted. He still looked so damn hot, why the fuck couldn’t he get the desire for Kip out of his head? He spent way too much time thinking about him, and despite fucking up this time, he was already thinking about their next time together. Maybe he could delay the departure on Thursday, so that he could arrive when Kip was working? Now that could be fun, and maybe he could, well, he shook himself, as he headed out the door, stunned that he was even contemplating such things.

Walking to the pick up truck, he hardly paid much attention, as his mind was trying to figure out how he was going to get through the next few days. He had some money tucked away, but that was for clothes for Beth, Josie, and Bobby. He couldn’t tap into that money, they needed the new clothes for school and besides, maybe he could get by with what was in his fridge, though he didn’t really think there was much there.

Sounds of a Shania song echoed in the truck cab as he leaned forward to ask the dark haired driver what he wanted. He noticed the blond sitting next to the driver, a vague sense of familiarity washing across him as he waited for his instructions. The guy ordered $10 worth of the unleaded and he walked to the side to open the gas cap. He saw the driver’s door open and the dark haired young man climbed out. He was clothed in a dirty pair of faded blue jeans and a cotton blue button down shirt. He stretched as he leaned against the truck, listening still to the music that hummed from inside.

Kip turned his eyes back towards the pump and he heard the passenger door clang shut and he noticed out of the corner of his eye the short blond man standing there, staring at him and he felt a strange glow deep inside of him. Once more he felt like he knew the guy but he just couldn’t place him at the moment, his mind still trying to figure out how or what he was going to eat for the next few days. The soft voice intruded on his thoughts and brought his attention fully onto the young man, now standing near the end of the box on the truck.

“I know you dude, you sure look familiar to me”

“Yeah? You from around here?”

“Yep, haven’t been around much the last few months, shit, I know now, we went to school together, your… shit, KIP, that’s it isn’t it?”

“Yeah, that’s me”

“Fuck man, how the hell are you? You don’t remember me? Jesse… Jesse McKnight, we had, shit, we had gym and I think English together, just before you ditched school”

Kip’s hand yanked on the gas pump, pushing the total over the $10 mark but he didn’t care. Here he had just finished fantasizing about this guy and now here he was, in the flesh standing a few feet away. Fuck, the guy had changed since he had last seen him, he still had the long hair, but it was a bit shaggy at the moment, and he well, he didn’t look all that clean, but then it did look like he had been travelling.

“Jesse? Yeah I remember you man, so where you been? Haven’t seen you around for a bit, last time I saw you, you were working at the pharmacy”

“Haha, yeah that was ages ago it seems, say, you know Shawn here?”

“Uh don’t think so”

“No? Hey Shawn you ever meet Kip before?”

Nope, Hi”


“Shawn works out at the granary, he’s gonna see if he can get me on, say, any openings here?”

“I don’t know, you could ask Boone though, he might have something”

“Cool, say you still got that old mustang convertible?”

“Yep, but no insurance, its parked at my trailer”

“Yeah? Shit that was one cool machine, still in good shape?”

“Needs bit of work”

“Cool, so why don’t you bring it down here to work on?”

“Might one day, when its quiet, just don’t want to leave it out without insurance”

“Yeah, that sure was one sweet car”

“Hey motor mouth, you going to stay here and play old home week or we going?”

“Huh? Shit Shawn, you go ahead, I really don’t feel like hitting that joint, same old scags anyway”

“Suit yourself, nice meeting you Kip”

“You sure Jess? Where you going to flop tonight?”

“I don’t know, I’ll grab my gear, maybe out by the rest stop”

“Okay, well see you at the diner after work?”

“Yeah, sure and don’t forget to see about work man, I need to get something happening”

“Okay, later”

Shawn climbed back into the pick up and headed off to the on ramp, turning just before and headed down the service road towards Monty’s Place, the local strip joint and booze hall. It really wasn’t a bad place, but during the week, it was rather noisy and Kip knew from experience that it was a real make out joint

Kip felt a bit awkward as he headed back to the office, Jesse trailing him with a bag pack. The guy still looked damn hot, even if he was only about 5’9” but man, the way he walked brought back lots of hot memories of watching him take a shower. He wondered where he had disappeared to and why he was having to camp out, his family still lived in town and Jesse was the same age, 19, so he should have been able to crash with his folks.

“Hey, hope you don’t mind if I hang around a bit”

“No, it’s usually pretty dull, I just have one truck to work on, but I got time”

“Yeah? What’s wrong with it?”

“Oh the plugs are fouled, leaking oil, think it needs a new head gasket, but might be the head too, doubt if the owner is gonna pay to fix it”

“Too bad, so, uh sure you don’t mind me hanging?”

“Nah, no problem”

“Great, I just really wasn’t into doing the beer scene with Shawn, he gets kind of wild sometimes, I have had enough of that shit”

“Yeah? I know the feeling”

“Haha, yeah I remember, you were the bad boy when we were in school, man I used to envy you, the way you always had an answer, fuck it was always fun when you were around”

“Really? Shit, didn’t think you ever really paid that much attention to me, we hung out with different groups back then, you were, well, more with the jocks”

“Uh huh, I really was into sports back then, still like a good game, but hell, not much call for a short jock these days, is there? Haha”

“Haha, guess not, so, uh, what you been doing lately?”

“Really want to know?”

“Sure, if you want to tell me”

“Don’t matter, thought everyone in town knew, I got my ass whipped in a bar fight in the city, been in rehab for last few months”

“Really? Shit, that sucks, what happened?”

“Got shot man, never thought the guy would pull a piece, but then again, I wasn’t exactly in much of a position to know much of anything, man talk about being drunk, the docs say I am lucky to have survived it”

“Fuck, so what was the fight about?”

“Oh the usual I guess, you know how it is”

“Used to but I try to stay away from partying these days”

“Yeah, heard about your dad man, now that really sucks”

“I don’t know, better off I think, besides, it wasn’t like he was a real father”

“Yeah? Okay”

“So how come you flopping outside, what about your folks”

“Haha, right, they don’t approve of little Jesse here, they paid the hospital bills okay, but that was more out of duty than anything, so no home porch light left on for me”

“Must suck, how long you been back?”

“Ten days, it’s okay for now, I mean it is nice out, hard to keep clean, but I manage”

Kip stared at Jesse, a small voice inside of his head telling him this was his chance but his head refused to bite. He felt like he was in a steam bath, the way his body felt so hot and wet, and he was sure that Jesse had noticed the hard thick bulge in his coveralls. He wished he could summon the nerve up to ask him home, but then what? If he did and made a play for the guy, and it turned out Jesse was straight, then the whole fucking town would find out about him, so he just kept quiet, listening to the soft warm voice of the young man, feeling his body ache as he listened.

The small talk finally petered out and he headed back to the service bay, to finish work on the pick up and Jesse followed him out, not really doing anything but killing time. He stood back, as Kip bent over the truck hood, wiping the oil from around the cylinder head and Kip felt the sea green eyes boring into his back. It was the strangest feeling he had ever experienced, and he couldn’t shake the past memories of Jesse or how he had aroused him.

It was like he was all thumbs this evening, as he tried to concentrate on his work, but the presence of Jesse was making it impossible. He kept dropping his tools and was becoming frustrated at it. Finally, he dropped a socket down the engine and he swore loudly, which brought a chuckle from Jesse who was right behind him.

“Man you sure are all thumbs tonight bud”

“Don’t I know it, shit, I guess my head just isn’t into it tonight”

“Want some help?”

“Sure, you offering?”

“Why not, not like I have anywhere to go”

“Okay, sure, thanks man”

For the next hour or so they worked side by side, and Kip was sure he would cream his damn coveralls. The guy smelled ripe, but still it awaken even more high school memories and made him super horny. God, if the guy ever checked out his groin, he’d know exactly what was on his mind and he would die of embarrassment. He struggled to control his raging hormones, but each time he thought he had it under control, his arm or leg would suddenly brush up against Jesse’s, and then it was back to square one.

They finally managed to get the last plug out and cleaned, and even to jam a rag down the hole to clean it up as well, but they both knew it would only be a temporary fix. The truck was old and they could see the oil still oozing from under the cover. By this time, both of them were covered in oil and Jesse had a large smear across his face, which he kept smudging as he tried to wipe it off. Kip would almost faint, each time that Jesse would step back to wipe his face, the way his long blond hair hung and the way he just looked.

“Don’t know man, this slug must go through a gallon of oil per mile”

“Yeah, looks like you got most of that on your face”

“Shit, still? Fuck, oh well, I’ll clean up at the rest stop when I get there”

“Shit, why not crash at my place? I got a shower stall you can use”

He hadn’t thought it out, but the sudden words were out before he even realized it. Not only those, but the sudden idea of having Jesse in his shower stall, in his trailer, made his dick jump and grow in a shot. He could feel it stretching the coveralls and worse, he was facing Jesse, there was no way he wouldn’t notice.

It seemed like time had stood still, as he waited nervously for Jesse to answer him, his face a bit red as he knew that Jesse had to see his hard on. What excuse would he use to back out, he wondered, as his palms grew sweaty and he tried to act casual, act as if it was no big deal for him, when it really was. He couldn’t explain it to himself, how it suddenly was important that Jesse not turn him down, not refuse his offer.

“You sure man?”

“Yeah, if you want, I mean the place isn’t much, but, it has hot water”

“Hot water? Fuck, its been awhile since, shit, if you are sure, you bet Kip, man that is really nice, thanks man”

The enthusiasm that Jesse had answered overwhelmed him and he could feel his heart starting to pound in excitement and anticipation. God, could it be? Could he once more relive the high school memories? Every part of his body seemed to suddenly awaken, and he was sure that his face must have been split into a mile wide grin, but fuck it, at worse the guy would shower and leave, at best, he just might out what a 19 year old Jesse looked like in the buff. At least he’d have those memories.

“Great, uh, I don’t get off here till 7, that going to be okay?”

“Sure, not a problem for me, uh, you sure this isn’t going to inconvenience you?”

“Nah, the trailer is small but there is a couch as well as the bed, so should be okay, doubt if I have much food, but we can cross that then”


Before things became even more awkward, Kip heard the sound of a truck and turned to see the milkman coming down the road. For the rest of the time, he found himself suddenly rather busy, as the morning traffic came thundering past. Jesse stayed out of the way at the beginning, but as the night passed, he would venture out with Kip, helping to wash the car or truck windows, check the oil and all that stuff that you never found in big city garages. It was like second nature to Jesse and Kip felt giddy almost, as they would both head out to a waiting customer.

He wondered what Boone would say, but just as quickly as the fear would surface, he managed to suppress it with the excitement of just being around Jesse. It really did feel good and it did make for some interesting memories, one’s he could use.

Without even realizing it, he saw the familiar shape of Boone’s truck coming down the highway and he glanced up at the clock, seeing that it was almost 7am already. Time had passed by quickly and unlike most mornings, he felt so alive, so full of life that he wished he could stop at the diner on the way home, to just have some good old fashioned bacon and eggs. He knew it was still going to be a long walk home, but this time he would at least have company as he started to whistle a little, waiting for the boss man to pull in and sign him out.

Jesse came around the corner, slightly washed up just as Boone climbed down from his truck. He turned to look at Kip and then back at Jesse, recognition slowly dawning on him. Boone wasn’t much of a talker, and after checking in the receipts that Kip had ready for him, he just flashed that big grin and told Kip to head on home. There wasn’t even one question as to Jesse, who he was, or what he was doing there, and that too made Kip feel on top of the world, knowing that Boone trusted him. He was glad he hadn’t gone through with the idea of fudging the gas count, this felt much better than having the money in his coveralls, besides, Jake would deliver.

“So, ready for the long hike?”

“You bet, as long as there is a hot shower at the end, I am ready”

“Okay, well no problem, it is the one thing I have plenty of, hot water, so let’s go”

Jesse swung his backpack over his shoulder and together the two young 19 year olds headed down the dusty two-lane road towards town. Jesse, happy that he didn’t have to clean up in a rest stop outhouse, Kip thrilled by the chance that his fantasy over a high school friend might just get a second chance.



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